Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 8 (2012)

Number 4


Surfaces Moving by Powers of Gauss Curvature

Ben Andrews and Xuzhong Chen

pp. 825-834

Non-simply Laced McKay Correspondence and Triality

Naichung Conan Leung and Jiajin Zhang

pp. 941-956

Composition Series of Tensor Product

Bin Li and Hechun Zhang

pp. 957-978

Weakly δ-Koszul Modules

Jia-Feng Lu, Guo-Jun Wang, and Qing-Zhou Xu

pp. 979-992

Ln=2 Pinching Theorem for Submanifolds with Parallel Mean Curvature in Hn+p(-1)

Juanru Gu, Minyong He, Fei Huang, and Hongwei Xu

pp. 1097-1116