Statistics and Its Interface

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Ming-Hui Chen (University of Connecticut)

Yuedong Wang (University of California at Santa Barbara)

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Aims and Scope

Exploring the interface between the field of statistics and other disciplines, including but not limited to: biomedical sciences, geosciences, computer sciences, engineering, and social and behavioral sciences. Publishes high-quality articles in broad areas of statistical science, emphasizing substantive problems, sound statistical models and methods, clear and efficient computational algorithms, and insightful discussions of the motivating problems.


Publishing since 2008.

4 issues per year.

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Statistics and Its Interface is partially sponsored by the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (MSC) of Tsinghua University.

Special Notices

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Modern Meta-Analysis and Network Meta-Analysis Methods

Statistics and Its Interface (SII) invites submissions for a special issue on modern meta-analysis and network meta-analysis methods. Research in meta-analysis is rapidly expanding and diversifying—e.g., into meta-analysis of multiple outcomes, network meta-analysis of multiple treatments, network meta-analysis multiple diagnostic tests, and meta-analysis with individual participant data—making it increasingly popular and widely used in fields such as medicine, biology, public health, epidemiology, engineering, finance, economics, environmental science, and social science. It is commonly considered to be at the top of the evidence pyramid. Meta-analysis combines and contrasts multiple studies into a form of evidence that can be used to underpin guidelines, decision aids, and other products. Statistics and Its Interface deals with the interface between statistical theory and methodology and applications. Accordingly, we strongly encourage innovative meta-analysis theory or methods in all areas of science. Accepted papers will be published together in a future issue of the journal.

The submission deadline for this special issue is November 1, 2019. All submissions must be made online through the website Please indicate (in the comment box) that your submission is for the Special Issue on Modern Meta-Analysis and Network Meta-Analysis Methods. All submissions will run through the regular review process. In our capacity as editors of this special issue, we will handle the peer review in a timely and careful manner.

We are confident that with your support and collaboration this special issue will be a success and will reflect state-of-art of research at the frontier of this vital and rapidly developing area. We look forward to receiving your papers in due course.

Haitao Chu (co-guest editor), University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Tiejun Tong (co-guest editor), Hong Kong Baptist University
Ming-Hui Chen (co-editor-in-chief), University of Connecticut
Yuedong Wang (co-editor-in-chief), University of California at Santa Barbara