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Ming-Hui Chen (University of Connecticut)

Yuedong Wang (University of California at Santa Barbara)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Threshold Time Series Model in Finance: A Review

Cathy WS Chen

Mike KP So

Feng Chi Liu

2010 Dec 4
--A new unconditional test based on Bayesian estimation for testing non-inferiority in matched-pairs design

Weiquan Chen

Hua Jin

2011 Apr 4
--Improving the estimation of HIV treatment-efficacy by combining structural nested mean models with pharmacokinetic models of antiretroviral drug exposure

Laetitia Comté

Stijn Vansteelandt

Richard Rode

Bernard Vrijens

2011 Jul 20
--Quantifying LC-MS/MS data by ion abundance and spectral: two case studies

Thomas I. Milac

Timothy W. Randolph

Pei Wang

2011 Nov 16
--On the false discovery rate control in proteomic analysis of post-translational modifications

Yan Fu

2011 Nov 28
--Designing Time-To-Event Multi-Arm Clinical Trials using Weibull Models

Oleksandr Sverdlov

Yevgen Ryeznik

weng kee wong

2012 Jan 19
--Statistical Inference for Cultural Transmission in Twin and Family Studies

Xiaobo Guo

Tian Ji

Xueqin Wang

Heping Zhang

Shouqiang Zhong

2012 May 2
--A Novel Semi-Parametric Approach for Imputing Mixed Data

Irene B Helenowski

Hakan Demirtas

2013 Jun 19
--KPSS test for functional time series

Piotr Kokoszka

Gabriel Young

2015 Sep 3
--Efficient estimation and variable selection in generalized partially nonlinear models with nonignorable missing responses

Niansheng Tang

Lin Tang

2017 Feb 8
--An L2-norm based ANOVA test for the equality of weakly dependent functional time series

Jia Guo

Ying Chen

2018 Aug 27
--Analyzing Beijing Point of Interest Data Using Group Linked Cox Process

Yu Chen

Rui Pan

Rong Guan

Hansheng Wang

2018 Dec 19
--Average Treatment Effect Estimation in Observational Studies with Functional Covariates

Rui Miao

Wu Xue

Xiaoke Zhang

2020 Aug 15
--Distribution Free Prediction Intervals for Multiple Functional Regression

Kehui Chen

Ryan Kelly

2020 Oct 14
--A new k-nearest neighbors classifier for functional data

Jin-Ting Zhang

Tianming Zhu

2020 Oct 18
--Estimation of Hilbertian Varying Coefficient Models

Hyerim Hong

Dongwoo Kim

Young Kyung Lee

Byeong U. Park

2020 Oct 18
--Principal wave analysis for high-dimensional structured data with applications to epigenomics and neuroimaging studies

Yuping Zhang

2020 Dec 11
--A sequential Monte Carlo Gibbs coupled with stochastically approximated expectation-maximization algorithm for functional data

Ziyue Liu

2020 Dec 11
--Sparsity-restricted Estimation for the Accelerated Failure Time Model

Xiaoyu Zhang

2021 Mar 13
--Spatial Weibull Regression with Multivariate Log Gamma Process and Its Applications to China Earthquake Economic Loss

Lijiang Geng

Guanyu Hu

Yishu Xue

Hou-Cheng Yang

2021 Mar 20
--Bayesian Estimation for a Mortality Model via the Aging Process

Fernando Baltazar-Larios

Luz Rodríguez Esparza

2021 Mar 20
--Comment on ``Estimation of Hilbertian Varying Coefficient Models" by Lee, Park, Hong and Kim

Pang Du

2021 Mar 20
--Pathway Lasso: Pathway Estimation and Selection with High-Dimensional Mediators

Xi Luo

Yi Zhao

2021 Mar 27
--Subset Selection of Double-Threshold Moving Average Models Through the Application of the Bayesian Method

Qiang Xia

2021 Mar 29
--Stochastic diffusion process based on Goel-Okumoto curve: Statistical inference and application to real data.

Boujemaa Achchab

Meriem Bahij

Ahmed Nafidi

Oussama Rida

2021 Mar 30
--Rate-Efficient Asymptotic Normality for the Fourier Estimator of the Leverage Process

Maria Elvira Mancino

Giacomo Toscano

2021 Apr 6
--Discussion on "Estimation of Hilbertian Varying Coefficient Models"

Jia Guo

Jin-Ting Zhang

Bu Zhou

2021 Apr 22
--Discussion of “Estimation of Hilbertian Varying Coefficient Models”

Xiongtao Dai

2021 Apr 22
--Discussion on ``Estimation of Hilbertian Varying Coefficient Models'' by Young Kyung Lee, Byeong U. Park, Hyerim Hong and Dognwoo Kim

Ming-Yen Cheng

2021 Apr 22
--Discussion of ``Estimation of Hilbertian Varying Coefficient Models"

Jianhua Huang

Jiangli Wang

Huiya Zhou

2021 Apr 22
--A generalized semi-parametric model for jointly analyzing response times and accuracy in computerized testing

Ming-Hui Chen

Fang Liu

Ningzhong Shi

Jiwei Zhang

2021 May 6
--Bayesian estimation for partially linear varying coefficient spatial autoregressive models

Jiang Du

Ruiqin Tian

Dengke Xu

2021 May 12
--Further study on testing the equality of response rates under Dallal's model

Yafei Cheng

Zhiming Li

Changxing Ma

2021 Jun 1
--Link Prediction via Latent Space Logistic Regression Model

Xiangyu Chang

Rui Pan

Hansheng Wang

Xuening Zhu

2021 Jun 6
--Rejoinder to Discussions on Estimation of Hilbertian Varying Coefficient Models

Hyerim Hong

Dongwoo Kim

Young Kyung Lee

Byeong Park

2021 Jun 8
--Empirical Likelihood-Based Estimation and Inference in Randomized Controlled Trials with High-Dimensional Covariates

Wei Liang

Ying Yan

2021 Jun 16
--Sparse Logistic Regression on Functional Data

Pang Du

Yunnan Xu

2021 Jun 16
--Variable Selection for Time-Varying Effects Based on Interval-censored Failure Time Data

Kaiyi Chen

(Tony) Jianguo Sun

2021 Jun 16
--Estimation of conditional average treatment effect by covariates balance methods

Changbiao Liu

Jun Wang

2021 Jun 29
--Local neighbourhood-based approach of link prediction in networks

Bingyi Jing

Chunning Wang

2021 Jul 1
--On dual-asymmetry linear double AR models

Songhua TAN

Qianqian ZHU

2021 Jul 11
--Generalized Gaussian time series model for increments of EEG data

Michael Boivin

Nikolai Leonenko

Željka Salinger

Alla Sikorskii

Nenad Šuvak

2021 Jul 11
--Forecasting Industrial Production Indices with a New Singular Spectrum Analysis forecasting algorithm

Sofia Borodich Suarez

Saeed Heravi

Andrey Pepelyshev

2021 Jul 18