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Ming-Hui Chen (University of Connecticut)

Yuedong Wang (University of California at Santa Barbara)

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--Threshold Time Series Model in Finance: A Review

Cathy WS Chen

Mike KP So

Feng Chi Liu

2010 Dec 4
--A new unconditional test based on Bayesian estimation for testing non-inferiority in matched-pairs design

Weiquan Chen

Hua Jin

2011 Apr 4
--Improving the estimation of HIV treatment-efficacy by combining structural nested mean models with pharmacokinetic models of antiretroviral drug exposure

Laetitia Comté

Stijn Vansteelandt

Richard Rode

Bernard Vrijens

2011 Jul 20
--Quantifying LC-MS/MS data by ion abundance and spectral: two case studies

Thomas I. Milac

Timothy W. Randolph

Pei Wang

2011 Nov 16
--On the false discovery rate control in proteomic analysis of post-translational modifications

Yan Fu

2011 Nov 28
--Designing Time-To-Event Multi-Arm Clinical Trials using Weibull Models

Oleksandr Sverdlov

Yevgen Ryeznik

weng kee wong

2012 Jan 19
--Statistical Inference for Cultural Transmission in Twin and Family Studies

Xiaobo Guo

Tian Ji

Xueqin Wang

Heping Zhang

Shouqiang Zhong

2012 May 2
--A Novel Semi-Parametric Approach for Imputing Mixed Data

Irene B Helenowski

Hakan Demirtas

2013 Jun 19
--KPSS test for functional time series

Piotr Kokoszka

Gabriel Young

2015 Sep 3
--Efficient estimation and variable selection in generalized partially nonlinear models with nonignorable missing responses

Niansheng Tang

Lin Tang

2017 Feb 8
--An $L_2$-norm based ANOVA test for the equality of weakly dependent functional time series

Jia Guo

Ying Chen

2018 Aug 27
--Analyzing Beijing Point of Interest Data Using Group Linked Cox Process

Yu Chen

Rui Pan

Rong Guan

Hansheng Wang

2018 Dec 19
--Estimating Extreme Value Index by Subsampling for Massive Datasets with Heavy-Tailed Distributions

Liujun Chen

Deyuan Li

Yongxin Li

Hansheng Wang

2022 Jul 16
--Default Bayesian Testing for the Zero-inflated Poisson Distribution

Yewon Han

Haewon Hwang

Seong Kim

Hon Keung Ng

2022 Jul 25
--Community Detection in Temporal Citation Network via a Tensor-based Approach

Tianchen Gao

Rui Pan

Hansheng Wang

Junfei Zhang

2022 Aug 5
--A Random Projection Method for Large-Scale Community Detection

Haobo Qi

Hansheng Wang

Xuening Zhu

2022 Aug 5
--A latent class selection model for categorical response variables with nonignorably missing data

Jung Lee

Ofer Harel

2022 Aug 17
--A consistent specification test for functional linear quantile regression models

Gongming Shi

Lili Xia

Zhongzhan Zhang

2022 Aug 21
--A Double Regression Method for Graphical Modeling of High-dimensional Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian Data

Faming Liang

2022 Sep 2
--Improved Naive Bayes with Mislabeled Data

Shuning Sun

Feifei Wang

Hansheng Wang

Qianhan Zeng

Weichen Zhao

Xuening Zhu

Yingqiu Zhu

2022 Sep 2
--Variable Selection and Estimation for High-Dimensional Partially Linear Spatial Autoregressive Models with Measurement Errors

Zhensheng Huang

Shuyu Meng

Linlin Zhang

2022 Sep 3
--Debiased distributed quantile regression in high dimensions

Canyi Chen

Yiran He

Wangli Xu

2022 Sep 12
--Portmanteau test for ARMA-GARCH models with possible infinite variance innovations by weighted Empirical likelihood method

Donghui Fang

Catherine Liu

Xiaohui Liu

Xu Zhang

2022 Sep 17
--Flexible quasi-beta prime regression models for dependent continuous positive data

Caio Azevedo

João Freitas

Juvêncio Nobre

2022 Oct 2
--Modeling and identifiability of non-homogenous Poisson process cure rate model

Anup Dewanji

Asha Gopalakrishnan

Soorya Surendren

2022 Nov 4
--Composite Quantile Regression based Robust Empirical Likelihood for Partially Linear Spatial Autoregressive Models

Suli Cheng

Peixin Zhao

Xiaoshuang Zhou

2022 Nov 13
--A Robust Two-Stage Sequential Design for Estimating the Effective Range Based on Binary Responses

Yuxia Liu

Yubin Tian

Dianpeng Wang

2022 Nov 17
--Nonparametric kernel estimation for local tail-event correlation

Ji Eun Choi

Dong Wan Shin

2022 Nov 18
--Order determination via sample splitting

Xu Guo

Hongwei Shi

Wenjun Xia

Changliang Zou

2022 Nov 19
--Regression analysis of semi-parametric transformation models based on multivariate general interval-censored data from case-cohort studies

Yichen Lou

Jianguo Sun

Peijie Wang

2022 Nov 23
--Regularized maximum likelihood for directed networks

Mengya Liu

Lu Pan

2022 Dec 3
--Correlated Wishart Matrices Classification via an Expectation-Maximization Composite Likelihood-Based Algorithm

Zhou Lan

2022 Dec 5
--Robust Statistical Methods for Exclusive Hypothesis Test

Meng Li

jianguo Sun

Xingwei Tong

2022 Dec 20
--Guiding Light: An Essay for Professor Lincheng Zhao on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday

Zhidong Bai

2022 Dec 21
--$L_1$-regularized Functional Support Vector Machine

Bingfan Liu

Peijun Sang

2022 Dec 26
--Robust Subgroup Analysis for Network-Linked Data

Kyongson Jon

Yu Xing

Wensheng Zhu

2023 Jan 4
--Estimation of partially linear varying coefficient spatial autoregressive models

Jiang Du

2023 Jan 11
--Variable Selection for Doubly Robust Causal Inference

Eunah Cho

Shu Yang

2023 Jan 16
--How to schedule the upcoming exam using low-dose CT in lung cancer?

Dongfeng Wu

2023 Jan 16
--Modelling Uncertainty of Responses in Factor Models for Multivariate Ordinal Data

Weiping Zhang

Zhi Zheng

2023 Jan 21
--Welfare and Fairness Dynamics in Federated Learning: A Client Selection Perspective

Xuan Bi

Le Peng

Ju Sun

Yash Travadi

Mochen Yang

2023 Jan 28
--Associations Between EEG-Defined Subgroups and Antidepressant Response: A Joint Mixture of Probabilistic Multilinear Principle Component Analysis Modeling Approach

Bei Jiang

2023 Jan 28
--Scalable inference for individual treatment effect

Xiaodong Yan

2023 Jan 29
--A nonparametric concurrent regression model with multivariate functional inputs

Yuedong Wang

Zhanfeng Wang

Yutong Zhai

2023 Feb 4
--Towards better clinical prediction and interpretation via a new imputation strategy from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Zhe Gao

YinYing Kong

Ting Tian

Xueqin Wang

Wangwei Wu

Yanfang Xu

2023 Feb 9
--Learning conditional dependence graph for concepts via matrix normal graphical model

Jizheng Lai

Jianxin Yin

2023 Feb 13
--Latent Class Proportional Hazards Regression with Heterogeneous Survival Data

Teng Fei

John Hanfelt

Limin Peng

2023 Feb 14
--Bayesian Tensor-on-Tensor Regression with Efficient Computation

Kunbo Wang

Yanxun Xu

2023 Feb 15
--Testing for a change in the failure time distribution using combined data from an incident and a prevalent cohort

Vittorio Addona

James McVittie

David Stephens

David Wolfson

2023 Feb 21
--A Novelty Update and Propagation-based Dynamic Graph Neural Networks and Its Application to Consumer Finance Data

Shujun Guo

Xin Liu

Shaoli Wang

Zhen Zhang

2023 Mar 1
--Spectral feature selection with the Graphical Lasso estimator for ultra-high dimensional Gaussian graphical models

Rui Chen

Erbo Li

Yushan Xue

Yuehan Yang

2023 Mar 1
--Multi-Way Overlapping Clustering by Bayesian Tensor Decomposition

Kejun He

Yang Ni

Zhuofan Wang

Fangting Zhou

2023 Mar 9
--Spatially Robust Adaptive Ensemble Average Propagator Reconstruction via Spherical Polar Fourier Imaging

Jian Cheng

Joseph Ibrahim

Shangbang Rao

Xifeng Wang

Ye Wu

Pew-Thian Yap

Hongtu Zhu

2023 Mar 15
--Minimum Matusita distance estimation method of the parameters of the strict-sense stationary univariate generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity model of order r,s

Sajjad Piradl

2023 Mar 18
--A Simultaneous Testing of Independence and Goodness-of-fit in Nonlinear Regression Models

Nan Tang

Kai Xu

2023 Mar 22
--Stochastic Generalized Functional Linear Models for Gene-based Association Analysis of Binary Traits in Longitudinal Studies

Ruzong Fan

2023 Mar 30
--The Use of Parental Genotypes in Mendelian Randomization

Rui Feng

2023 Apr 1
--Density-Convoluted Tensor Support Vector Machines

Qing Mai

Boxiang Wang

Jian Yang

Le Zhou

2023 Apr 4
--Frequentist Bayesian Compound Inference

Jinfeng Xu

Ao Yuan

2023 Apr 10
--Scalable and Globally Convergent Algorithm for Sufficient Dimension Reduction

Canyi Chen

2023 May 3
--A Comparative Study of Sequential Detection Procedures for Transient Signals in High Dimensional Data Stream

David Siegmund

yanhong wu

2023 May 15
--Robust and powerful gene-environment interaction tests using rare genetic variants in case-control studies

Hong Zhang

2023 May 19
--A review of nonparametric regression methods for longitudinal data

Changxin Yang

Zhongyi Zhu

2023 May 25
--Semiparametric Imputation-based Inference for the Additive Mean Residual Life Model with Missing Censoring Indicators

Baolin Chen

Gregg E. Dinse

Yong Zhou

2023 Jun 2
--Bayesian Methods in Tensor Analysis

Weining Shen

Yiyao Shi

2023 Jun 2
--Aligning sample size calculations with estimands in clinical trials with time-to-event outcomes

Yixin Fang

Man Jin

Chengqing Wu

2023 Jun 5
--Bayesian analysis of multivariate binary longitudinal data: Metabolic Syndrome during the menopausal transition

Samar Ek Khoudary

Ellen Gold

Imke Janssen

Wesley Johnson

Geoff Jones

2023 Jun 30
--Simultaneous Change-point Detection and Curve Estimation

Ning Hao

Zhaoying Lu

Hao Zhang

2023 Jul 16
--Detecting changes in linear trend and variance based on isolate-detect

Yao Hu

Siyu Li

Jimei Wang

2023 Jul 26
--Semi-supervised Learning in Unbalanced Networks with Heterogeneous Degree

Bing-Yi Jing

Li Ting

Ningchen Ying

Xianshi Yu

2023 Jul 27
--Data Integration of Multiple Genome-Wide Association Studies Under Group Homogeneous Structure

Yuan Jiang

Kai Li

Chi Song

2023 Aug 1
--An Improved Spectral Clustering Method for Large-Scale Sparse Networks

Jiayi Deng

Yi Ding

Bo Zhang

2023 Aug 10
--Rank-R Matrix Autoregressive Models for Modeling Spatio-Temporal Data

Nan-Jung Hsu

Hsin-Cheng Huang

Tzu-Chieh Kao

Ruey S. Tsay

2023 Aug 12
--Sieve Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Generalized Linear Mixed Models with an Unknown Link Function

Guoqing Diao

Mengdie Yuan

2023 Aug 12
--Copy Number Variation Detection based on Constraint Least Squares

Xiaopu Wang

Xueqin Wang

Canhong Wen

Aijun Zhang

2023 Aug 14
--Asymptotic Properties of Relative Error Estimation for Accelerated Failure Time Model with Divergent Number of Parameters

Ying Yang

Fei Ye

Hongyi Zhou

2023 Aug 15
--Imaging mediation analysis for longitudinal outcomes: a case study of childhood brain tumor survivorship

Heather Conklin

Amar Gajjar

Cai Li

Yimei Li

Arzu Onar-Thomas

Wilburn Reddick

Xiaoqing Wang

Chen Zhou

2023 Aug 15

Sameh Kessentini

Fatma Ktari

Raoudha Zine

2023 Aug 24
--Abnormal sample detection based on robust Mahalanobis distance estimation in adversarial machine learning

Hengjian Cui

Wan Tian

Lingyue Zhang

2023 Aug 24
--Varying-coefficients additive hazards regression with current status data and time-dependent treatment

Yanqin Feng

Shuang Ma

Xiuqing Zhou

2023 Aug 25
--Composition Estimation via Shrinkage

Chong Gu

2023 Aug 25
--A Selective Reivew on Conditional Density Estimation

Trinetri Ghosh

Menggang Yu

Jiwei Zhao

2023 Sep 3
--An improved strategy for predicting Alzheimer's disease progression in patients with mild cognitive impairment by clustering hippocampal shape data

Zhe Gao

Tingyin Wang

Xueqin Wang

2023 Sep 4