Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 2 (2009)

Number 3


Editorial: On the interface of statistics and machine learning

Andreas Christmann and Xiaotong Shen

pp. 255-256

On consistency and robustness properties of support vector machines for heavy-tailed distributions

Andreas Christmann, Ingo Steinwart, and Arnout van Messem

pp. 311-327

Alignment of protein mass spectrometry data by integrated Markov chain shifting method

Yang Feng, Weiping Ma, Zhanfeng Wang, Yaning Yang, and Zhiliang Ying

pp. 329-340

Multi-class AdaBoost

Trevor Hastie, Saharon Rosset, Ji Zhu, and Hui Zou

pp. 349-360

Boosting on the functional ANOVA decomposition

Jinseog Kim, Yongdai Kim, Yuwon Kim, Sunghoon Kwon, and Sangin Lee

pp. 361-368

Penalized methods for bi-level variable selection

Patrick Breheny and Jian Huang

pp. 369-380

Search for the smallest random forest

Minghui Wang and Heping Zhang

pp. 381-388