Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 2 (2009)

Number 4


From the Editors

pp. 389-389

A mixed ordinal location scale model for analysis of ecological momentary assessment (EMA) data

Hakan Demirtas, Donald Hedeker, and Robin J. Mermelstein

pp. 391-401

Using latent outcome trajectory classes in causal inference

Nicholas S. Ialongo, Booil Jo, and Chen-Pin Wang

pp. 403-412

A propensity score approach to estimating child restraint effectiveness in preventing mortality

Dennis R. Durbin, Michael R. Elliott, and Flaura K. Winston

pp. 437-447

Accuracy versus convenience: A simulation-based comparison of two continuous imputation models for incomplete ordinal longitudinal clinical trials data

Anup Amatya, John Cursio, Hakan Demirtas, Beyza Doganay, David Morton, Oksana Pugach, and Fei Shi

pp. 449-456

Conceptual issues concerning mediation, interventions and composition

Tyler J. Vanderweele and Stijn Vansteelandt

pp. 457-468

Robust and sparse bridge regression

Bin Li and Qingzhao Yu

pp. 481-491

Regularized (bridge) logistic regression for variable selection based on ROC criterion

Hong-Bin Fang, Zhenqiu Liu, Ming T. Tan, and Guo-Liang Tian

pp. 493-502

A minimum discrepancy approach to multivariate dimension reduction via $k$-means inverse regression

Akim Adekpedjou, C. Messan Setodji, and Xuerong Meggie Wen

pp. 503-511