Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 3 (2010)

Number 1


Adaptive spatial smoothing of fMRI images

Martin A. Lindquist, Ji Meng Loh, and Yu (Ryan) Yue

pp. 3-13

Adaptive statistical parametric mapping for fMRI

Ping Bai, Jianhua Z. Huang, Haipeng Shen, and Young K. Truong

pp. 33-43

Evaluating functional autocorrelation within spatially distributed neural processing networks

F. Dubois Bowman, Gordana Derado, Timothy D. Ely, and Clinton D. Kilts

pp. 45-57

Cosine series representation of 3D curves and its application to white matter fiber bundles in diffusion tensor imaging

Nagesh Adluru, Andrew L. Alexander, Moo K. Chung, Janet E. Lainhart, Mariana Lazar, and Jee Eun Lee

pp. 69-80

Approximating the Geisser-Greenhouse sphericity estimator and its applications to diffusion tensor imaging

Meagan E. Clement-Spychala, David Couper, Keith E. Muller, and Hongtu Zhu

pp. 81-90

Covariate-adjusted nonparametric analysis of magnetic resonance images using Markov chain Monte Carlo

Susan Spear Bassett, Brian Caffo, Haley Hedlin, and Ziyad Mahfoud

pp. 113-123