Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 3 (2010)

Number 4


From the Editors

pp. 427-427

A penalized maximum likelihood approach to sparse factor analysis

Jang Choi, Gary Oehlert, and Hui Zou

pp. 429-436

Robust neural network with applications to credit portfolio data analysis

Yijia Feng, Runze Li, Agus Sudjianto, and Yiyun Zhang

pp. 437-444

Spline-based models for predictiveness curves and surfaces

Debashis Ghosh and Michael Sabel

pp. 445-453

Utility-based weighted multicategory robust support vector machines

Qinying He, Yufeng Liu, and Yichao Wu

pp. 465-475

Bayesian co-segmentation of multiple MR images

Feng Liang and Jianfeng Xu

pp. 513-521

Predicting kinase functional sites using hierarchical stochastic language modelling

Minghua Deng, Xiangzhong Fang, Peng Ge, Luhua Lai, Guojun Pei, Minping Qian, Fengzhu Sun, and Huan Yu

pp. 523-531