Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 9 (2016)

Number 4

Special Issue on Statistical and Computational Theory and Methodology for Big Data

Guest Editors: Ming-Hui Chen (University of Connecticut); Radu V. Craiu (University of Toronto); Faming Liang (University of Florida); and Chuanhai Liu (Purdue University)



pp. 397-398

Statistical methods and computing for big data

Chun Wang, Ming-Hui Chen, Elizabeth Schifano, Jing Wu, and Jun Yan

pp. 399-414

High-dimensional covariance estimation under the presence of outliers

Hsin-Cheng Huang and Thomas C. M. Lee

pp. 461-468

Generative modeling of convolutional neural networks

Jifeng Dai, Yang Lu, and Ying Nian Wu

pp. 485-496

Embarrassingly parallel sequential Markov-chain Monte Carlo for large sets of time series

Roberto Casarin, Radu V. Craiu, and Fabrizio Leisen

pp. 497-508

BIG-SIR: a Sliced Inverse Regression approach for massive data

Benoit Liquet and Jerome Saracco

pp. 509-520

Preprocessing solar images while preserving their latent structure

Nathan M. Stein, David A. van Dyk, and Vinay L. Kashyap

pp. 535-551