Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 10 (2017)

Number 4


A novel sandwich algorithm for empirical Bayes analysis of rank data

Arnab Kumar Laha, Somak Dutta, and Vivekananda Roy

pp. 543-556

Fitting real data by means of non-homogeneous log-normal diffusion processes

Patricia Román-Román, Juan José Serrano-Pérez, and Francisco Torres-Ruiz

pp. 585-600

The effect of the spatial domain in FANOVA models with ARH(1) error term

Javier Álvarez-Liébana and M. Dolores Ruiz-Medina

pp. 607-628

Detection of threshold points for gene expressions under multiple biological conditions

Dianliang Deng, Hong-Bin Fang, Kian Razeghi Jahromi, Jiuzhou Song, and Ming Tan

pp. 643-655

Estimation of directed subnetworks in ultra-high dimensional data for gene network problems

Sung Won Han, Sunghwan Kim, Junhee Seok, Jeewhan Yoon, and Hua Zhong

pp. 657-676

Spectral methods for learning discrete latent tree models

Xiaofei Wang, Jianhua Guo, Lizhu Hao, and Nevin L. Zhang

pp. 677-698

Joint modeling of recurrent and terminal events using additive models

Lianqiang Qu, Liuquan Sun, and Lei Liu

pp. 699-710

Modeling the upper tail of the distribution of facial recognition non-match scores

Brett D. Hunter, Daniel Cooley, Geof H. Givens, and J. Ross Beveridge

pp. 711-725

The generalized half-t distribution

Bulut Y. Murat, Jamalizadeh Ahad, Fatma Zehra Dogru, and Olcay Arslan

pp. 727-734