Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 12 (2019)

Number 2


An integrative classification model for multiple sclerosis lesion detection in multimodal MRI

Fengqing (Zoe) Zhang, Ji-Ping Wang, and Wenxin Jiang

pp. 193-202

Robust change point detection for linear regression models

Aylin Alin, Ufuk Beyaztas, and Michael A. Martin

pp. 203-213

Pólya urn model and its application to text categorization

Haibin Zhang, Xianyi Wu, and Xueqin Zhou

pp. 227-237

Model-free conditional feature screening with exposure variables

Yeqing Zhou, Jingyuan Liu, Zhihui Hao, and Liping Zhu

pp. 239-251

Bayesian high-dimensional regression for change point analysis

Abhirup Datta, Hui Zou, and Sudipto Banerjee

pp. 253-264

Two-sample test for compositional data with ball divergence

Jin Zhu, Kunsheng Lv, Aijun Zhang, Wenliang Pan, and Xueqin Wang

pp. 275-282

Incorporating deep features in the analysis of tissue microarray images

Donghui Yan, Timothy Randolph, Jian Zou, and Peng Gong

pp. 283-293

Analysis of panel data with misclassified covariates

Grace Yi, Wenqing He, and Feng He

pp. 309-320

A case study for Beijing point of interest data using group linked Cox process

Yu Chen, Rui Pan, Rong Guan, and Hansheng Wang

pp. 331-344

Usage based insurance model with point of interest data

Yuxuan Zhang, Jinchang Fan, Rui Pan, and Liang Huang

pp. 345-353