Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 12 (2019)

Number 4


Statistical inference of the generalized Pareto distribution based on upper record values

Xu Zhao, Xueyan Geng, Weihu Cheng, and Pengyue Zhang

pp. 501-510

Lower-level mediation with binary measures

Haeike Josephy, Tom Loeys, and Sara Kindt

pp. 511-526

Comparison between Basic and Toeplitiz SSA applied to non-stationary time-series

Michel C. R. Leles, Mariana G. Moreira, Adriano S. Vale-Cardoso, Cairo L. Nascimento, Elton F. Sbruzzi, and Homero N. Guimarães

pp. 527-536

Destructive power series long-term survival model with complex activation schemes

Diego I. Gallardo, Heleno Bolfarine, Antonio C. Pedroso-de-Lima, and Jose S. Romeo

pp. 561-571

A new rank sensitivity metric for decision support

Anil Dolgun, Haydar Demirhan, Andrew Gill, Dion Grieger, Stella Stylianou, and Stelios Georgiou

pp. 573-583

Normal mean-variance Lindley Birnbaum–Saunders distribution

Farzane Hashemi, Mehrdad Naderi, and Ahad Jamalizadeh

pp. 585-597

Hybrid Graphical Least Square Estimation and its application in Portfolio Selection

Saeed Aldahmani, Hongsheng Dai, and Qiaozhen Zhang

pp. 631-645

A multivariate coefficient of variation for functional data

Mirosław Krzysko and Łukasz Smaga

pp. 647-658