Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 13 (2020)

Number 4



pp. 423-424

On evidence cycles in network meta-analysis

Lifeng Lin, Haitao Chu, and James S. Hodges

pp. 425-436

Meta-analysis of peptides to detect protein significance

Yuping Zhang, Zhengqing Ouyang, Wei-Jun Qian, Richard D. Smith, Wing Hung Wong, and Ronald W. Davis

pp. 465-474

Estimating the mean and variance from the five-number summary of a log-normal distribution

Jiandong Shi, Tiejun Tong, Yuedong Wang, and Marc G. Genton

pp. 519-531

A CD-based mapping method for combining multiple related parameters from heterogeneous intervention trials

Yang Jiao, Eun-Young Mun, Thomas A. Trikalinos, and Minge Xie

pp. 533-549