For book authors/editors

Book proposals

International Press publishes works on advanced mathematics (graduate level or higher) submitted by editors/authors with appropriate credentials. We will consider suitable proposals. A proposal taken into consideration is reviewed by one or more qualified specialists as needed, before a publication decision is made.

Your proposal should include a brief description of the aims and scope of the work; its table of contents and a sample chapter, if available; and your curriculum vitae.

Please send your proposal by e-mail to

Book proposal acceptance, publication contract

Upon acceptance of a proposed book for publication, a publication contract is typically made between International Press and the book’s author or authors, or in the case of a proceedings or other collection, the volume’s editor or editors.

For book authors/contributors: How to prepare your final text for submission

In general, we ask that you submit your final, for-publication text electronically, in the form of LaTeX or AMS TeX, and that it conform to certain other very basic standards, so as to facilitate its preparation for publication.

Please click here to download and read the documentation (2 pages, PDF file).