Surveys in Differential Geometry

ISSN Print: 1052-9233  ISSN Online: 2164-4713

Series Editor

Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

The editors of the Journal of Differential Geometry (published by International Press) each year present a new volume of Surveys in Differential Geometry, a collection of original contributions upon a specially chosen topic pertaining to differential geometry and related areas. The series presents an overview of recent trends, while making predictions and suggestions for future research.

Each invited contributor is a prominent specialist in the field of algebraic geometry, mathematical physics, or related areas. The contributors to Surveys tend to transcend classical frameworks within their fields.

Once every three years, Lehigh University and Harvard University, in conjunction with the editors of the JDG, sponsor a conference whose purpose is to survey the general field of differential geometry and related subjects. Speakers at the conference are likewise selected for their prominence in a given field and for their innovative contributions to it. Hence every third volume of Surveys is a publication of those presented talks.

Surveys in Differential Geometry is a beneficial collection for experts and non-experts alike, and in particular, for those independent of the mainstream of activity in the field of geometry.

Volumes in the Series