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Tobias Ekholm (Institut Mittag-Leffler, Djursholm, Sweden; and Uppsala University, Sweden)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Asymtotics for two-dimensional vectorial Allen-Cahn systems

Fabrice Béthuel

2021 Sep 20
--Conformal bootstrap in Liouville Theory

Colin Guillarmou

Antti Jukka Kupiainen

Rémi Rhodes

Vincent Vargas

2022 May 31
--Square-root cancellation for sums of factorization functions over squarefree progressions in Fq[T]

William French Sawin

2022 Sep 21
--Mildly dissipative diffeomorphisms of the disk with zero entropy

Sylvain Crovisier

Enrique Ramiro Pujals

Charles Tresser

2022 Dec 18
--Collapsing Geometry of Hyperkaehler 4-Manifolds and Applications

Song Sun

Ruobing Zhang

2022 Dec 22
--Stable minimal hypersurfaces in R^4

Otis Chodosh

Chao Li

2023 May 1
--Lie, associative and commutative quasi-isomorphism

Ricardo Miguel Fonseca Gomes de Campos

Dan Petersen

Daniel Robert-Nicoud

Felix Pieter Wierstra

2023 Jun 8
--Previously: Corrigendum to"On the geometry of metric measure spaces. I."Acta Math. 196 (2006), as well as to JFA 259 (2010) and to JFA 260 (2011). Now: Corrigendum to "On the geometry of metric measure spaces. I." Acta Math. 196 (2006)

Karl-Theodor Sturm

2023 Sep 14
--The Structure of Isoperimetric Bubbles on R^n and S^n

Emanuel Milman

Joe Neeman

2024 Jan 11
--Bounded t-structures on the category of perfect complexes

Amnon Neeman

2024 Jan 11