Asian Journal of Mathematics

Volume 15 (2011)

Number 1

Moduli of Coisotropic Sections and the BFV-complex

Pages: 71 – 100



Florian Schatz


We consider the local deformation problem of coisotropic submanifolds inside symplectic or Poisson manifolds. To this end the groupoid of coisotropic sections (with respect to some tubular neighbourhood) is introduced. Although the geometric content of this groupoid is evident, it is usually a very intricate object.

We provide a description of the groupoid of coisotropic sections in terms of a differential graded Poisson algebra, called the BFV-complex. This description is achieved by constructing a groupoid from the BFV-complex and a surjective morphism from this groupoid to the groupoid of coisotropic sections. The kernel of this morphism can be easily chracterized.

As a corollary we obtain an isomorphism between the moduli space of coisotropic sections and the moduli space of geometric Maurer-Cartan elements of the BFV-complex. In turn, this also sheds new light on the geometric content of the BFV-complex.


Poisson geometry; coisotropic submanifolds; BFV-complex; deformation theory

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

16E45, 53D17

Published 30 March 2011