Annals of Mathematical Sciences and Applications

Newest issue

Volume 9 (2024)

Number 1


Optimization, wavelet, financial mathematics and mathematical problems related to statistics

Fluid dynamics, numerical linear algebra, imaging, computations related to fluid dynamics, condensed matter physics, etc.

Mathematical and computational framework for moving and colliding rigid bodies in a Newtonian fluid

Céline Van Landeghem, Luca Berti, Vincent Chabannes, Agathe Chouippe, Laetitia Giraldi, Yannick Hoarau, and Christophe Prud’homme

pp. 59-89

Mathematical sciences related to theoretical physics, engineering, biology and economics

A second-order partitioned method for bioconvective flows with concentration dependent viscosity

Madeline Edwards, Martina Bukač, and Catalin Trenchea

pp. 141-184

Parameter estimation and control by penalized multiple shooting

L. Héctor Juárez, Jorge López, and Jessica T. Rojas

pp. 237-279