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Hans Ringström (Institut Mittag-Leffler, Djursholm, Sweden; and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--A proof of Bondesson’s conjecture on stable densities

Pierre Bosch

Thomas Simon

2015 Jan 26
--$R$-boundedness versus gamma-boundedness

Stanisław Kwapień

Mark Veraar

Lutz Weis

2015 Apr 22
--Monotonicity formula for complete hypersurfaces in the hyperbolic space and applications

Hilário Alencar

Gregório Silva Neto

2015 Apr 23
--Higher integrability for vector-valued parabolic quasi-minimizers on metric measure spaces

Jens Habermann

2015 May 17
--Non-conjugacy of maximal abelian diagonalizable subalgebras in extended affine Lie algebras

Uladzimir Yahorau

2015 Jun 7
--Irreducible Virasoro modules from tensor products

Haijun Tan

Kaiming Zhao

2015 Jun 7
--Reducibility of invertible tuples to the principal component in commutative Banach algebras

Raymond R. Mortini

Rudolf Rupp

2015 Jun 30
--The Hartogs extension theorem for holomorphic vector bundles and sprays

Rafael Andrist

Nikolay Shcherbina

Erlend Fornaess Wold

2015 Aug 31
--The explicit formulae for scaling limits in the ergodic decomposition of infinite Pickrell measures

Alexander I. Bufetov

Yanqi Qiu

2015 Oct 28
--A geometric interpretation of the Schützenberger group of a minimal subshift

Jorge Almeida

Alfredo Costa

2016 Jan 6
--Stable hypersurfaces with zero scalar curvature in euclidean space

Hilário Alencar

Manfredo do Carmo

Gregório Silva Neto

2016 Feb 14
--Directional Poincare inequalities along mixing flows

Stefan Steinerberger

2016 Apr 3
--Families of Gorenstein and almost Gorenstein rings

Valentina Barucci

Marco D’Anna

Francesco Strazzanti

2016 Apr 3
--Euler Sequence and Koszul complex of a module

Björn Andreas

Darío Sánchez Gómez

Fernando Sancho de Salas

2016 Apr 3
--Modules of systems of measures on polarizable Carnot groups

Melkana Brakalova

Irina Markina

Alexander Vasilév

2016 May 20
--Restrictions of Riesz–Morrey Potentials

David R. Adams

Jie Xiao

2016 Jun 6
--Fourier dimension of random images

Fredrik Ekström

2016 Jun 27
--The dual of Brown representability for some derived categories

George Ciprian Modoi

2016 Jun 27
--Non-separability of the Gelfand space of measure algebras

Przemysław Ohrysko

Michał Wojciechowski

2016 Jun 27
--Characters and spin characters of alternating and symmetric groups determined by values on l'-classes

Eoghan McDowell

2023 Mar 20
--A formula to evaluate type A webs and link polynomials

Abel Lacabanne

Daniel Tubbenhauer

Pedro Vaz

2023 Jun 7
--Stable functors and cohomology theory in abelian categories

Shoutao Guo

Li Liang

2023 Jun 14
--Decay of extremals of Morrey's inequality

Ryan C. Hynd

Simon Larson

Erik Lindgren

2023 Jul 9
--Highest waves for fractional Korteweg-De Vries and Degasperis-Procesi equations

Magnus Christie Ørke

2023 Oct 12
--On the finiteness of certain factorization invariants

Laura Cossu

Salvatore Tringali

2023 Oct 16
--Evolution of eigenvalue of the Wentzell-Laplace operator along the conformal mean curvature flow

Shahroud Azami

2023 Oct 20
--Fluctuations in depth and associated primes of powers of ideals

Roswitha Rissner

Irena Swanson

2023 Dec 1
--Legendrians with vanishing Shelukhin-Chekanov-Hofer metric

Lukas Nakamura

2023 Dec 14
--Embedded eigenvalues for asymptotically periodic ODE systems

Sara Maad Sasane

Wilhelm Treschow

2023 Dec 26
--Clark measures for rational inner functions II: general bidegrees and higher dimensions

John T. Anderson

Linus Bergqvist

Kelly Bickel

Joseph A. Cima

Alan A. Sola

2024 Jan 18
--An explicit isomorphism of different representations of the Ext functor using residue currents

Jimmy Johansson

Richard Lärkäng

2024 Feb 21
--On nonnegatively graded Weierstrass points

André Contiero

Aislan Leal Fontes

Jan Stevens

Jhon Quips Vargas

2024 Mar 4
--Characterization of genuine ramification using formal orbifolds

Indranil Biswas

Manish Kumar

Aryampilly J. Parameswaran

2024 Mar 27
--A geometric model for blocks of Frobenius kernels

Pramod Narahari Achar

Simon Riche

2024 Apr 8