Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Volume 25 (2021)

Number 1

A nonabelian duality for (higher) gauge theories

Pages: 241 – 274



Ján Pulmann (Section of Mathematics, Université de Genève, Switzerland)

Pavol Ševera (Section of Mathematics, Université de Genève, Switzerland)

Fridrich Valach (Department of Physics, Imperial College London, United Kingdom)


We consider a TFT on the product of a manifold with an interval, together with a topological and a non-topological boundary condition imposed at the two respective ends. The resulting (in general higher gauge) field theory is non-topological, with different choices of the topological conditions leading to field theories dual to each other. In particular, we recover the electric-magnetic duality, the Poisson–Lie T‑duality, and we obtain new higher analogues thereof.

The authors were supported in part by the grant MODFLAT of the European Research Council and the NCCR SwissMAP of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

F.V. was supported also by the GAČR Grant EXPRO 19-28628X.

Published 28 September 2021