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Kefeng Liu (University of California at Los Angeles)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Horizontal $\alpha$-harmonic maps

Francesca da Lio

Tristan Riviere

2017 Jul 22
--A characterization of a hyperplane in two-phase heat conductors

Lorenzo Cavallina

Shigeru Sakaguchi

Seiichi Udagawa

2020 Oct 14
--Complete CMC hypersurfaces in Minkowski $(n+1)$-space

Francesco Bonsante

Rea Seppi

Peter Smillie

2020 Oct 14
--Willmore spheres in the $3$-sphere revisited

Sebastian Heller

2021 Jan 5
--Freed–Moore $K$-theory

Kiyonori Gomi

2021 Feb 3
--A new class of austere submanifolds

Marcos Dajczer

Theodoros Vlachos

2021 Feb 3
--A generalization of Kawamata–Viehweg vanishing theorem

Xiankui Meng

Xiangyu Zhou

2021 Feb 3
--Systole inequalities up congruence towers for arithmetic locally symmetric spaces

Sara Lapan

Ben Linowitz

Jeff Meyer

2021 Feb 3
--Legendrian submanifolds from Bohr–Sommerfeld covers of monotone Lagrangian tori

Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell

Roman Golovko

2021 Feb 12
--A note on minimal surfaces with bounded index

Davi Maximo

2021 Feb 12
--Conformal harmonic coordinates

Matti Lassas

Tony Liimatainen

2021 Mar 15
--Submanifolds with constant principal curvatures in symmetric spaces

Jurgen Berndt

Víctor Sanmartín-López

2021 Mar 30
--Free boundary minimal hypersurfaces with least area

Qiang Guang

Zhichao Wang

Xin Zhou

2021 Apr 15
--Scalar curvature and harmonic one-forms on three-manifolds with boundary

Hubert Bray

Daniel Stern

2021 Apr 15
--$\operatorname{Spin}(7)$ metrics from Kähler Geometry

Udhav Fowdar

2021 Apr 15
--Associative submanifolds of the Berger Space

Gavin Ball

Jesse Madnick

2021 Apr 15
--Bartnik–Hilbert manifold structure on fibers of the scalar curvature and the constraint operator

Erwann Delay

2021 Apr 22
--Maximal diameter theorem for directed graphs of positive Ricci curvature

Ryunosuke Ozawa

Yohei Sakurai

Taiki Yamada

2021 Apr 22
--On a conjecture of Huang–Lian–Yau–Yu

Tsung-Ju Lee

Bong Lian

Dingxin Zhang

2021 Apr 28
--On mass-minimizing extensions of bartnik boundary data

Zhongshan An

2021 May 6
--On existence of multiple solutions to a class of problems involving the $1-$Laplace operator in whole $\mathbb{R}^N$

Claudianor O. Alves

2021 May 25
--Stable maps and hyperbolic links

Ryoga Furutani

Yuya Koda

2021 May 25
--ADM mass and the capacity-volume deficit at infinity

Jeffrey Jauregui

2021 Jun 10
--On gluing Alexandrov spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds

Vitali Kapovitch

Christian Ketterer

Karl-Theodor Sturm

2021 Jun 10
--The Dirichlet principle for the complex $k$-Hessian functional

Yi Wang

Hang Xu

2021 Jun 10
--Generalized cones as Lorentzian length spaces: Causality, curvature, and singularity theorems

Stephanie Alexander

Melanie Graf

Michael Kunzinger

Clemens Saemann

2021 Jun 15
--Bergman–Einstein metric on a Stein space with a strongly pseudoconvex boundary

Xiaojun Huang

Xiaoshan Li

2021 Jun 15
--Mass of asymptotically flat $3$-manifolds with boundary

Sven Hirsch

Pengzi Miao

Tin-Yau Tsang

2021 Jun 23
--Hamilton-type entropy formula along the Ricci flow on surfaces with boundary

Keita Kunikawa

Yohei Sakurai

2021 Jul 6
--Determination of a compact Finsler manifold from its boundary distance map and an inverse problem in elasticity

Maarten V. de Hoop

Joonas Ilmavirta

Matti Lassas

Teemu Saksala

2021 Jul 16
--Euler class of taut foliations and Dehn filling

Ying Hu

2021 Aug 30
--Prescribed non positive scalar curvature on asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds with application to the Lichnerowicz equation

Romain Gicquaud

2021 Sep 2
--Solutions of the Allen–Cahn equation on closed manifolds in the presence of symmetry

Rayssa Caju

Pedro Gaspar

2021 Sep 2
--On the moduli space of asymptotically flat manifolds with boundary and the constraint equations

Sven Hirsch

Martin Lesourd

2021 Sep 2
--On limit spaces of Riemannian manifolds with volume and integral curvature bounds

Lothar Schiemanowski

2021 Sep 2
--Singular hyperbolic metrics and negative subharmonic functions

Yu Feng

Yiqian Shi

Jijian Song

Bin Xu

2021 Sep 2
--Analysis of Type I singularities in the harmonic ricci flow

Gianmichele Di Matteo

2021 Sep 2
--Closed Lagrangian self-shrinkers in $\mathbb{R}^4$ symmetric with respect to a hyperplane

Jaehoon Lee

2021 Sep 2
--Isometries of asymptotically conical shrinking Ricci solitons

Brett Kotschwar

Lu Wang

2021 Sep 8
--The Alexandrov–Fenchel type inequalities, revisited

Ping Li

2021 Sep 14
--Twisting and satellite operations on $P$-fibered braids

Benjamin Bode

2021 Sep 15
--On the existence of the conical Kähler–Einstein metrics on Fano manifolds

Jiawei Liu

2021 Oct 12
--The Gauss–Bonnet–Chern center of mass for asymptotically flat manifolds

Marc Herzlich

2021 Oct 12
--Equivalent characterizations of handle-ribbon knots

Maggie Miller

Alexander Zupan

2021 Oct 12
--Generic hyperbolic knot complements without hidden symmetries

Eric Chesebro

Jason DeBlois

Priyadip Mondal

2021 Oct 13
--An upper bound on distance degenerate handle additions

Yanqing Zou

2021 Oct 13
--Rotational surfaces with second fundamental form of constant length

Alexandre Paiva Barreto

Francisco Fontenele

Luiz Hartmann

2021 Oct 19
--Kähler–Einstein metrics and egenvalue gaps

B. Guo

D. H. Phong

J. Sturm

2021 Oct 27
--$p$-Laplace operator on a connected finite graph

Linfeng Wang

2021 Nov 1
--Filling links and spines in $3$-manifolds

Michael Freedman

Vyacheslav Krushkal

2021 Nov 9
--Circular spherical divisor and their contact topology

Tian-Jun Li

Cheuk Yu Mak

Jie Min

2021 Nov 9
--Weighted $L^2$ estimates for dbar and Corona problem of several complex variables

Song-Ying Li

2021 Nov 17
--Spin-harmonic structures and nilmanifolds

G. Bazzoni

L. Martín

V. Muñoz

2021 Nov 29
--Kodaira dimension and the Yamabe problem, II

Michael Albanese

Claude LeBrun

2021 Nov 29
--Gradient estimates, Bakry–Emery Ricci curvature and ellipticity for unbounded graph Laplacians

Matthias Keller

Florentin Münch

2021 Dec 8
--Inverse mean curvature flow and the stability of the positive mass theorem

Brian Allen

2021 Dec 14
--The geometric Cauchy problem for rank-one submanifolds

Matteo Raffaelli

2021 Dec 14
--Nonconvex surfaces which flow to round points

Alexander Mramor

Alec Payne

2021 Dec 17
--Rigidity of Riemannian manifolds containing an equator

Laurent Mazet

2021 Dec 21
--Alternating links on surfaces and volume bounds

E. Kalfagianni

J. Purcell

2022 Jan 6
--Degenerating Hermitian metrics, canonical bundle and spectral convergence

Francesco Bei

2022 Jan 6
--Conformal embeddings of $S^2 \to \mathbb{R}^3$ with prescribed mean curvature: A variational approach

Tian Xu

2022 Feb 11
--Hyperbolic volume, $\mod 2$ homology, and $k$-freeness

Rosemary Guzman

Peter Shalen

2022 Feb 11
--Bow varieties: geometry, combinatorics, characteristic classes

R. Rimanyi

Y. Shou

2022 Feb 11
--A quantitative dimension free isoperimetric inequality for the fractional Gaussian perimeter

A. Carbotti

S. Cito

D. A. La Manna

D. Pallara

2022 Feb 18
--Deformations of asymptotically conical $\operatorname{Spin}(7)$-manifolds

Fabian Lehmann

2022 Feb 21
--Conformal Walker metrics and linear Fefferman–Graham equations

Ian M Anderson

Thomas Leistner

Andree Lischewski

Paweł Nurowski

2022 Feb 24
--Kodaira dimensions of almost complex manifolds II

Haojie Chen

Weiyi Zhang

2022 Mar 4
--Formulae of some global CR invariants for Sasakian $\eta$-Einstein manifolds

Yuya Takeuchi

2022 Mar 7
--Topology of weak $G$-bundles via Coulomb gauges in critical dimensions

Swarnendu Sil

2022 Mar 22
--Steady Ricci solitons on complex line bundles

Maxwell Stolarski

2022 Mar 29
--Extending periodic automorphisms of surfaces to 3-manifolds

Yi Ni

Chao Wang

Shicheng Wang

2022 Apr 8
--Gradient estimates for $\Delta u+a(x)u\log u+b(x)u=0$ and its parabolic counterpart under integral Ricci curvature bounds

Jie Wang

Youde Wang

2022 Apr 15
--Global residue formula for logarithmic indices of foliations

Mauricio Corrêa

Diogo da Silva Machado

2022 May 12
--Boundary regularity of a heat flow problem from Ericksen’s model for nematic liquid crystals

Chi-Cheung Poon

2022 May 12
--Duality of boundary value problems for minimal and maximal surfaces

Shintaro Akamine

Hiroki Fujino

2022 May 12
--On the moduli space of the octonionic Nahm’s equations

Siqi He

2022 Jun 5
--Quantization of topological-holomorphic field theories: Local aspects

Owen Gwilliam

Eugene Rabinovich

Brian R. Williams

2022 Jun 14
--Stein’s theorem on infinite type domains

Liwei Chen

Yuan Yuan

2022 Jun 24
--Positive scalar curvature on noncompact manifolds and the Liouville theorem

Martin Lesourd

Ryan Unger

Shing-Tung Yau

2022 Jul 24
--Geography of pinched four-manifolds

Renato G. Bettiol

Mario Kummer

Ricardo A. E. Mendes

2022 Jul 24
--The two-weight inequality for Poisson semigroup on manifold with ends

Xuan Thinh Duong

Mingyi Lee

Ji Li

Brett D. Wick

2022 Aug 7
--Matrix Li–Yau–Hamilton estimates for nonlinear heat equations

Xin-An Ren

2022 Aug 23
--Convergence of group actions in metric measure geometry

Hiroki Nakajima

Takashi Shioya

2022 Aug 23
--Quasipositivity and braid index of pretzel knots

Lukas Lewark

2022 Aug 24
--Big quantum cohomology of orbifold spheres

Lino Amorim

Cheol-Hyun Cho

Hansol Hong

Siu-Cheong Lau

2022 Sep 2
--Slice genus, $T$-genus and $4$-dimensional clasp number

Delphine Moussard

2022 Sep 15
--The prescribed Ricci curvature problem for naturally reductive metrics on non-compact simple Lie groups

Romina M. Arroyo

Artem Pulemotov

Mark Gould

2022 Oct 4
--Monopoles and Landau-Ginzburg Models I

Donghao Wang

2022 Oct 13
--Positive oriented Thompson links

Valeriano Aiello

Sebastian Baader

2022 Oct 13
--Relativistic perfect fluids near Kasner singularities

Florian Beyer and Todd Oliynyk

2022 Nov 3
--On Microlocalization and the Construction of Feynman Propagators for Normally Hyperbolic Operators

Onirban Islam and Alexander Strohmaier

2022 Nov 7
--Uniqueness of Hypersurfaces of Constant Higher Order Mean Curvature in Hyperbolic Space

Barbara Nelli and Jingyong Zhu

2022 Nov 8
--Singularities of Equivariant Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow

Albert Wood

2022 Nov 10
--Essential Surfaces in the Exterior of K13n586

Chaeryn Lee

2022 Nov 23
--The Generalizations of Horrocks Criterion on Flag Manifolds

Xinyi Fang

2022 Nov 29
--Curve diffusion and straightening flows on parallel lines

Glen Wheeler and Valentina-Mira Wheeler

2022 Dec 16
--Existence and applications of Ricci flows via pseudolocality

Fei He

2022 Dec 19
--Parameterized discrete uniformization theorems and curvature flows for polyhedral surfaces

Xu Xu

2022 Dec 21
--Dodecahedral $L$-spaces and hyperbolic $4$-manifolds

Ludovico Battista, Leonardo Ferrari, and Diego Santoro

2023 Feb 28
--Stability of the Type IIA flow and its applications in symplectic geometry

Teng Fei, Duong H. Phong, Sebastien Picard and Xiangwen Zhang

2023 Mar 9
--Existence of mASD connections on $4$-manifolds with cylindrical ends

David Duncan and Ian Hambleton

2023 Mar 20
--Concordance invariants of null-homologous knots in thickened surfaces

Hans U. Boden and Homayun Karimi

2023 Mar 20