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Kefeng Liu (University of California at Los Angeles)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--A heat flow problem from Ericksen’s model for nematic liquid crystals with variable degree of orientation, II-
--Horizontal $\alpha$-harmonic maps

Francesca da Lio

Tristan Riviere

2017 Jul 22
--Ribbon disks with the same exterior

Tetsuya Abe

Motoo Tange

2018 Jan 27
--Equivalence of two different notions of tangent bundle on rectifiable metric measure spaces

Nicola Gigli

Enrico Pasqualetto

2018 Dec 19
--The Weitzenbock formula for the Fueter–Dirac operator

Henrique Sá Earp

Andrés Moreno

2019 May 23
--Regularity of Lie groups

Maximilian Hanusch

2019 Jul 10
--Multiple valued sections of vector bundles: the reparametrization theorem for $Q$-valued functions revisited

Salvatore Stuvard

2019 Aug 5
--Price inequalities and Betti number growth on manifolds without conjugate points

Luca Di Cerbo

Mark Stern

2019 Aug 9
--Local and global gradient estimates for Finsler $p$-harmonic functions

Qiaoling Xia

2019 Aug 9
--From vortices to instantons on the Euclidean Schwarzschild manifold

Ákos Nagy

Gonçalo Oliveira

2019 Aug 9
--Jones slopes and coarse volume of near-alternating knots

Christine Ruey

Shan Lee

2019 Aug 12
--On finite energy monopoles on $C\times \Sigma$

Donghao Wang

2019 Aug 13
--Gradient steady Kahler–Ricci solitons with non-negative Ricci curvature and integrable scalar curvature

Pak-Yeung Chan

2019 Aug 16
--Nearly-Kähler 6-manifolds of cohomogeneity two: principal locus

Jesse Madnick

2019 Aug 23
--Relations in the tautological ring of the universal curve

Olof Bergvall

2019 Sep 3
--Flat vector bundles and analytic torsion on orbifolds

Shu Shen

Jianqing Yu

2019 Sep 3
--An integral representation and decay for the wave equation in the extreme Kerr geometry

Yunlong Zang

2019 Sep 3
--Quasi-local mass on unit spheres at spatial infinity

Po-Ning Chen

Mu-Tao Wang

Ye-Kai Wang

Shing-Tung Yau

2019 Sep 9
--Weighted extremal Kähler metrics and the Einstein–Maxwell geometry of projective bundles

Vestislav Apostolov

Gideon Maschler

Christina W. Tønnesen-Friedman

2019 Sep 12
--Level curves of minimal graphs

Allen Weitsman

2019 Sep 16
--A two-point function approach to connectedness of drops in convex potentials

Guido De Philippis

Michael Goldman

2019 Sep 17
--Eigenvalues upper bounds for the magnetic Schrödinger operator

Bruno Colbois

Ahmad El Soufi

Said Ilias

Alessandro Savo

2019 Sep 19
--Morse functions to graphs and topological complexity for hyperbolic $3$-manifolds

Diane Hoffoss

Joseph Maher

2019 Sep 26
--Double branched covers of knotoids

Agnese Barbensi

Dorothy Buck

Heather Harrington

Marc Lackenby

2019 Oct 8
--The Calderón problem for the conformal Laplacian

Matti Lassas

Tony Liimatainen

Mikko Salo

2019 Oct 16
--On positive scalar curvature cobordisms and the conformal Laplacian on end-periodic manifolds

Demetre Kazaras

Daniel Ruberman

Nikolai Saveliev

2019 Oct 28
--Stability and area growth of $\lambda$-hypersurfaces

Qing-Ming Cheng

Guoxin Wei

2019 Oct 30
--On Gauduchon connections with Kähler-like curvature

Daniele Angella

Antonio Otal

Luis Ugarte

Raquel Villacampa

2019 Nov 4
--Macroscopic stability and simplicial norms of hypersurfaces

Hannah Alpert

2019 Nov 8
--Effective operators for Robin Laplacian in thin two- and three-dimensional curved waveguides

Cesar R. de Oliveira

Alex Rossini

2019 Nov 21
--Convergence of energy functionals and stability of lower bounds of Ricci curvature via metric measure foliation

Daisuke Kazukawa

2019 Dec 10
--Limiting case of an isoperimetric inequality with radial density and applications

Georgios Psaradakis

2019 Dec 20
--Generalized Kähler–Taub–NUT metrics and two exceptional instantons

Brian Weber

2019 Dec 27
--A softer connectivity principle

Luis Guijarro

Frederick Wilhelm

2019 Dec 27
--Extremally Ricci pinched $G_2$-structures on Lie groups

Jorge Lauret

Marina Nicolini

2019 Dec 27
--$J$-holomorphic curves from closed $J$-anti-invariant forms

Louis Bonthrone

Weiyi Zhang

2020 Jan 9
--Entropy degeneration of globally hyperbolic maximal compact anti-De Sitter structures

Andrea Tamburelli

2020 Jan 12
--Broken ray tensor tomography with one reflecting obstacle

Joonas Ilmavirta

Gabriel Paternain

2020 Jan 12
--Rectifiability and Minkowski bounds for the zero loci of $Z/2$ harmonic spinors in dimension $4$

Boyu Zhang

2020 Jan 12
--Positive mass theorem for initial data sets with corners along a hypersurface

Aghil Alaee

Shing-Tung Yau

2020 Jan 28
--Longtime existence of Kähler–Ricci flow and holomorphic sectional curvature

Shao-Chuang Huang

Man-Chun Lee

Luen-Fai Tam

Freid Tong

2020 Feb 17
--Instability of some Riemannian manifolds with real killing spinors

Changliang Wang

McKenzie Y. Wang

2020 Feb 24
--Positivity preserving along a flow over projective bundle

Xueyuan Wan

2020 Mar 2
--An anisotropic shrinking flow and $L_p$ Minkowski problem

Weimin Sheng

Caihong Yi

2020 Mar 2
--Singularities of axially symmetric volume preserving mean curvature flow

Maria Athanassenas

Sevvandi Kandanaarachchi

2020 Mar 5
--Homogeneous metrics with prescribed Ricci curvature on spaces with non-maximal isotropy

Mark Gould

Artem Pulemotov

2020 Mar 5
--Complex structures of a twenty-dimensional family of Calabi–Yau $3$-folds

Chuangqiang Hu

Stephen S.-T. Yau

Huaiqing Zuo

2020 Mar 5
--A generating function of a complex Lagrangian cone in $H^n$

Norio Ejiri

2020 Mar 11
--Stochastically complete submanifolds with parallel mean curvature vector field in a Riemannian space form

Henrique F. de Lima

Fábio R. dos Santos

2020 Mar 11
--Geometric wave propagator on Riemannian manifolds

Matteo Capoferri

Michael Levitin

Dmitri Vassiliev

2020 Mar 11
--Plateau’s problem for singular curves

Paul Creutz

2020 Mar 11
--New surfaces with canonical map of high degree

Christian Gleissner

Roberto Pignatelli

Carlos Rito

2020 Mar 17
--$K3$ surfaces with a pair of commuting non-symplectic involutions

Frank Reidegeld

2020 Mar 25
--Li–Yau inequality on virtually Abelian groups

Shuang Liu

Gabor Lippner

2020 Apr 7
--Asymptotic behaviour for the heat equation in hyperbolic space

Juan Luis Vázquez

2020 Apr 7
--On positive scalar curvature bordism

Paolo Piazza

Thomas Schick

Vito Felice Zenobi

2020 Apr 7
--Existence and multiplicity of solutions for a class of indefinite variational problems

Claudianor O. Alves

Minbo Yang

2020 Apr 15
--Ancient solutions to the Ricci flow in higher dimensions

Xiaolong Li

Yongjia Zhang

2020 May 11
--Guan–Li type mean curvature flow for free boundary hypersurfaces in a ball

Guofang Wang

Chao Xia

2020 Jun 1
--Isoperimetric relations for inner parallel bodies

María A. Hernández Cifre

E. Saorín Gomez

2020 Jun 15
--Boundary unique continuation for the Laplace equation and the biharmonic operator

Shiferaw Berhanu

2020 Jun 23
--A semigroup approach to Finsler geometry: Bakry–Ledoux’s isoperimetric inequality

Shin-ichi Ohta

2020 Jul 1
--Improved pseudolocality on large hyperbolic balls

Andrew McLeod

2020 Jul 1
--Jointly primitive knots and surgeries between lens spaces

Kenneth L. Baker

Neil R. Hoffman

Joan E. Licata

2020 Jul 1
--On $C$-class equations

Andreas Cap

Boris Doubrov

Dennis The

2020 Jul 22
--Refined position estimates for surfaces of Willmore type in Riemannian manifolds

Jan Metzger

2020 Jul 22
--Avoidance for set-theoretic solutions of mean-curvature-type flows

Or Hershkovits

Brian White

2020 Aug 7
--Asymptotic convergence for modified scalar curvature flow

Ling Xiao

2020 Aug 12
--The moduli space of $S^1$-type zero loci for $\mathbb{Z}/2$-harmonic spinors in dimension $3$

Ryosuke Takahashi

2020 Aug 16
--Motion of level sets by inverse anisotropic mean curvature

Francesco Della Pietra

Nunzia Gavitone

Chao Xia

2020 Aug 16
--Vanishing time behavior of solutions to the fast diffusion equation

Kin Ming Hui

Soojung Kim

2020 Aug 27
--On the existence of closed biconservative surfaces in space forms

S. Montaldo

A. Pampano

2020 Sep 7
--A Bourgain–Brezis–Mironescu–Dávila theorem in Carnot groups of step two

Nicola Garofalo

Giulio Tralli

2020 Sep 14
--Steklov eigenvalue problem on subgraphs of integer lattices

Wen Han

Bobo Hua

2020 Sep 16
--Bergman functions and the equivalence problem of singular domains

Bingyi Chen

Stephen S.-T. Yau

2020 Sep 23
--Divide knots of maximal genus defect

Livio Liechti

2020 Sep 25
--Small knots of large Heegaard genus

William Worden

2020 Oct 6
--Complete CMC hypersurfaces in Minkowski $(n+1)$-space

Francesco Bonsante

Rea Seppi

Peter Smillie

2020 Oct 14
--Confined Willmore energy and the area functional

Marco Pozzetta

2020 Oct 16
--Real Higgs pairs and non-abelian Hodge correspondence on a Klein surface

I. Biswas

L. A. Calvo

O. García-Prada

2020 Oct 26
--Differential Harnack inequalities via concavity of the arrival time

Theodora Bourni

Mat Langford

2020 Dec 8
--Embedded totally geodesic surfaces in fully augmented links

Sierra Knavel

Rolland Trapp

2020 Dec 8
--Sharp entropy bounds for plane curves and dynamics of the curve shortening flow

Julius Baldauf-Lenschen

Ao Sun

2020 Dec 25
--Cohomogeneity-one Ricci solitons from Hopf fibrations

Matthias Wink

2020 Dec 25
--Deformation theory of nearly $G_2$ manifolds

Shubham Dwivedi

Ragini Singhal

2020 Dec 25
--Constant mean curvature $n$-noids in hyperbolic space

Thomas Raujouan

2021 Jan 4
--Willmore spheres in the $3$-sphere revisited

Sebastian Heller

2021 Jan 5
--Freed–Moore $K$-theory

Kiyonori Gomi

2021 Feb 3
--A new class of austere submanifolds

Marcos Dajczer

Theodoros Vlachos

2021 Feb 3
--A generalization of Kawamata–Viehweg vanishing theorem

Xiankui Meng

Xiangyu Zhou

2021 Feb 3
--Systole inequalities up congruence towers for arithmetic locally symmetric spaces

Sara Lapan

Ben Linowitz

Jeff Meyer

2021 Feb 3
--Legendrian submanifolds from Bohr–Sommerfeld covers of monotone Lagrangian tori

Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell

Roman Golovko

2021 Feb 12