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Kefeng Liu (University of California at Los Angeles)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Anti-self-dual $4$-manifolds, quasi-Fuchsian groups, and almost-Kähler geometry

Christopher J. Bishop

Claude LeBrun

2017 Sep 13
--Deformation theory of $G_2$ conifolds

Spiro Karigiannis


2017 Dec 20
--Existence of harmonic maps into CAT(1) spaces

Christine Breiner

Ailana Fraser

Lan-Hsuan Huang

Chikako Mese

Pam Sargent

Yingying Zhang

2018 Jan 15
--Isomonodromic deformations of irregular connections and stability of bundles

Indranil Biswas

Viktoria Heu

Jacques Hurtubise

2018 Jan 15
--Extending fur-dimensional Ricci flows with bounded scalar curvature

Miles Simon

2018 Feb 4
--Rate of curvature decay for the contracting Ccusp Ricci flow

Peter Topping

Hao Yin

2018 Feb 4
--A new geometric flow over Kahler manifolds

Yi Li

Yuan Yuan

Yuguang Zhang

2018 Feb 5
--Total $p$-powered curvature of closed curves and flat-core closed $p$-curves in $S^2(G)$

Naoki Shioji

Kohtaro Watanabe

2018 Feb 8
--Lie applicable surfaces

Mason Pember

2018 Feb 8
--On the Morse Index of Willmore spheres in $S^3$

Alexis Michelat

2018 Feb 27
--Quasi-local energy with respect to de Sitter/Anti-de Sitter reference

Po-Ning Chen

Mu-Tao Wang

Shing-Tung Yau

2018 Mar 5
--Mean curvature flow of star-shaped hypersurfaces

Longzhi Lin

2018 Mar 11
--Integrability theorems and conformally constant Chern scalar curvature metrics in almost Hermitian geometry

Mehdi Lejmi

Markus Upmeier

2018 Mar 11
--Geometric quantities from bubbling analysis of mean field equation

Chang-Shou Lin

Chin-Lung Wang

2018 Mar 12
--Stable fixed points of the Einstein flow with positive cosmological constant

David Fajman

Klaus Kröncke

2018 Mar 19
--Constant mean curvature surfaces of Delaunay-type along a closed geodesic

Shiguang Ma

2018 Mar 31
--Alexandrov spaces with integral current structure

Maree Jaramillo

Raquel Perales

Priyanka Rajan

Catherine Searle

Anna Siffert

2018 Mar 31
--Non-integer characterizing slopes for torus knots

Duncan McCoy

2018 Apr 2
--Model spaces in sub-Riemannian geometry

Erlend Grong

2018 Apr 6
--Regularity of CR-mappings of codimension $1$ into Levi-degenerate hypersurfaces

Ilya Kossovskiy

Bernhard Lamel

Ming Xiao

2018 Apr 15
--The isoperimetric problem of a complete Riemannian manifold with a finite number of $C^0$- asymptotically Schwarzschild ends

Flores Abraham Munoz

Nardulli Stefano

2018 Apr 22
--Monopole Floer homology and the spectral geometry of three-manifolds

Francesco Lin

2018 Apr 30
--Symplectic quotients of unstable Morse strata for normsquares of moment maps

Frances Kirwan

2018 May 21
--Stationary axisymmetric black holes with matter

Otis Chodosh

Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman

2018 May 23
--On families of fibred knots with equal Seifert forms

Filip Misev

2018 Jun 4
--Self-expanders to inverse curvature flows by homogeneous functions

Aaron Tsz-Kiu Chow

Ka-Wing Chow

Frederick Tsz-Ho Fong

2018 Jun 13
--Shadows of graphical mean curvature flow

Wolfgang Maurer

2018 Jun 19
--Linear perturbations of the fractional Yamabe problem on the minimal conformal infinity

Shengbing Deng

Seunghyeok Kim

Angela Pistoia

2018 Jul 6
--Entropy, non collapsing, and a gap theorem for ancient solutions to the Ricci flow

Yongjia Zhang

2018 Aug 7
--On the visibility of the $+$achirality of alternating knots

Nicola Ermotti

Cam Van Quach Hongler

Claude Weber

2018 Aug 15
--A gap theorem for free boundary minimal surfaces in the three-ball

Coelho Lucas Ambrozio

Ivaldo Paz Nunes

2018 Aug 22
--Asymptotically flat Einstein–Maxwell fields are inheriting

Piotr T. Chruściel

Luc Nguyen

Paul Tod

András Vasy

2018 Aug 25
--Fake $13$-projective spaces with cohomogeneity one actions

Chenxu He

Priyanka Rajan

2018 Sep 1
--Regular ambitoric $4$-manifolds: from Riemannian Kerr to a complete classification

Kael Dixon

2018 Sep 12
--The KW equations and the Nahm pole boundary condition with knots

Rafe Mazzeo

Edward Witten

2018 Sep 15
--The Gauss map of a free boundary minimal surface

Hung Tran

2018 Sep 17
--Local description of Bochner-flat (pseudo-)Kähler metrics

Alexey Bolsinov

Stefan Rosemann

2018 Sep 24
--Conformal hypersurface geometry via a boundary Loewner–Nirenberg–Yamabe problem

A. Rod Gover

Andrew Waldron

2018 Nov 10
--Relative differential cohomology and generalized Cheeger–imons characters

Fabio Ferrari Ruffino

Juan Carlos Rocha Barriga

2018 Nov 14
--Bernstein–Moser-type results for nonlocal minimal graphs

Matteo Cozzi

Alberto Farina

Luca Lombardini

2018 Nov 19
--An APS index theorem for even-dimensional manifolds with non-compact boundary

Maxim Braverman

Pengshuai Shi

2018 Nov 26
--Standard Planar Double Bubbles are Dynamically Stable under Surface Diffusion Flow

Helmut Abels

Nasrin Arab

Harald Garcke

2018 Nov 28
--Weil–Petersson geometry on the space of Bridgeland stability conditions

Yu-Wei Fan

Atsushi Kanazawa

Shing-Tung Yau

2018 Dec 4
--The prism manifold realization problem II

William Ballinger

Yi Ni

Tynan Ochse

Faramarz Vafaee

2018 Dec 17
--Destabilising Compact Warped Product Einstein Manifolds

Wafaa Batat

Stuart Hall

Thomas Murphy

2018 Dec 19
--A maximum principle for free boundary minimal varieties of arbitrary codimension

Martin Man-Chun Li

Xin Zhou

2018 Dec 19
--Equivalence of two different notions of tangent bundle on rectifiable metric measure spaces

Nicola Gigli

Enrico Pasqualetto

2018 Dec 19
--On the fundamental group of semi-Riemannian manifolds with positive curvature tensor

Junichi Mukuno

2018 Dec 25
--Ricci curvature and eigenvalue estimates for the magnetic Laplacian on manifolds

Michela Egidi

Shiping Liu

Florentin Münch

Norbert Peyerimhoff

2018 Dec 30
--A Log-type Non-local Flow of Convex Curves

Laiyuan Gao

Shengliang Pan

Ke Shi

2019 Jan 2
--Manifolds of positive Ricci curvature with quadratically asymptotically nonnegative curvature and infinite topological type

Huihong Jiang

Yihu Yang

2019 Jan 4
--Quantitative stratification of $F$-subharmonic functions

Jianchun Chu

2019 Jan 9
--Fundamental gap estimate for convex domains on sphere: the case $n=2$

Xianzhe Dai

Shoo Seto

Guofang Wei

2019 Jan 15
--Convergence of polarizations, toric degenerations, and Newton–Okounkov bodies

Mark Hamilton

Megumi Harada

Kiumars Kaveh

2019 Jan 19
--Uniqueness theorems for non-compact mean curvature flow with possibly unbounded curvatures

Man-Chu Lee

Man Shun Ma

2019 Jan 31
--Translation surfaces in Euclidean space with constant Gaussian curvature

Thomas Hasanis

Rafael López

2019 Jan 31
--Unions of $3$-punctured spheres in hyperbolic $3$-manifolds

Kenichi Yoshida

2019 Feb 9
--Dehn surgery on the minimally twisted seven-chain link

Bruno Martelli

2019 Feb 17
--A homology vanishing theorem for graphs with positive curvature

Mark Kempton

Florentin Münch

Shing-Tung Yau

2019 Mar 1
--Regularity and stability results for the level set flow via the mean curvature flow with surgery

Alex Mramor

2019 Mar 4
--Ricci-flat cubic graphs with girth five

David Cushing

Riikka Kangaslampi

Yong Lin

Shiping Liu

Linyuan Lu

Shing-Tung Yau

2019 Mar 11
--Boundedness of anti-canonical volumes of singular $\log$ Fano threefolds

Chen Jiang

2019 Mar 21
--The Nahm transform of spatially periodic instantons

Masaki Yoshino

2019 Mar 29
--The level set flow of a hypersurface in $\mathbb{R}^4$ of low entropy does not disconnect

Jacob Bernstein

Shengwen Wang

2019 Apr 3
--A Generalization of the Escobar–Riemann Mapping-Type Problem to Smooth Metric Measure Spaces

Jhovanny Muñoz Posso

2019 Apr 16
--On an Open Problem of Characterizing the Birationality of $4K$

Meng Chen

Yong Hu

2019 Apr 29
--Erratum for Ricci-flat graphs with girth at least five

David Cushing

Riikka Kangaslampi

Yong Lin

Shiping Liu

Linyuan Lu

Shing-Tung Yau

2019 May 6
--The Weitzenbock Formula for the Fueter-Dirac Operator

Henrique Sá Earp

Andrés Moreno

2019 May 23
--Proof of a Null Penrose Conjecture using a new Quasi-local Mass

Henri Roesch

2019 May 23
--A high order Hopf lemma for mappings into classical domains and applications

Ming Xiao

2019 Jun 4
--Convergence Result and Blow-Up Examples for the Guan-Li Mean Curvature Flow on Warped Product Spaces

Jérôme Vétois

2019 Jun 17
--A euclidean signature semi-classical program

Antonella Marini

Rachel Maitra

Vincent Moncrief

2019 Jun 19
--Regularity of Lie Group

Maximilian Hanusch

2019 Jul 10
--Algebraic virtual cycles for quantum singularity theories

Huai-Liang Chang

Young-Hoon Kiem

Jun Li

2019 Jul 13