Communications in Analysis and Geometry

Volume 13 (2005)

Number 5

Small knots and large handle additions

Pages: 939 – 961



Ruifeng Qiu

Shicheng Wang


We construct a hyperbolic 3-manifold $M$ (with $\partial M$ totally geodesic) which contains no essential closed surfaces, but for any even integer $g\gt 0$, there are infinitely many separating slopes $r$ on $\partial M$ so that $M[r]$, the 3-manifold obtained by attaching 2-handle to $M$ along $r$, contains an essential separating closed surface of genus $g$ and is still hyperbolic. The result contrasts sharply with those known finiteness results for the cases $g=0,1$. Our 3-manifold $M$ is the complement of a simple small knot in a handlebody.

Published 1 January 2005