Communications in Information and Systems

Newest issue

Volume 19 (2019)

Number 3


Review of quantitative systems pharmacological modeling in thrombosis

Limei Cheng, Guo-Wei Wei, and Tarek Leil

pp. 219-240

Generative network complex (GNC) for drug discovery

Christopher Grow, Kaifu Gao, Duc Duy Nguyen, and Guo-Wei Wei

pp. 241-277

Inference of RNA structural contacts by direct coupling analysis

Xiaoling He, Shuaimin Li, Xiujuan Ou, Jun Wang, and Yi Xiao

pp. 279-297

An automatic particle picking method based on Generative Adversarial Network

Fang Kong, Xirong Li, Qing Liu, Chuangye Yan, and Xinqi Gong

pp. 321-341