Communications in Information and Systems

Newest issue

Volume 20 (2020)

Number 4


3D reconstruction using deep learning: a survey

Yiwei Jin, Diqiong Jiang, and Ming Cai

pp. 389-413

CasCRNN-GL-Net: cascaded convolutional and recurrent neural networks with global and local pathways for classification of focal liver lesions in multi-phase CT images

Dong Liang, Yingying Xu, Lanfen Lin, Nan Zhou, Hongjie Hu, Qiaowei Zhang, Qingqing Chen, Xianhua Han, Yutaro Iwamoto, and Yen-Wei Chen

pp. 415-442

A review of image denoising methods

Hua Wang, Linwei Fan, Qiang Guo, and Caiming Zhang

pp. 461-480