Communications in Information and Systems

Volume 10 (2010)

Number 2


Methods for Allocating Ambiguous Short-reads

Doron Lipson, Terence P. Speed, and Margaret Taub

pp. 69-82

The Biases of Copy Numbers from Affymetrix SNP Arrays and Their Corrections

Quan Chen, Minghua Deng, Minping Qian, Lin Wan, and Yi Xiao

pp. 83-98

Prediction of Phenotype Information from Genotype Data

Jens Gramm, Richard M. Karp, William S. Noble, Roded Sharan, Qian-fei Wang, and Nir Yosef

pp. 99-114

Spaced Seeds for Cross-species CDNA-to-genome Sequence Alignment

Liliana Florea, Ingrid Mihai, and Leming Zhou

pp. 115-136