Communications in Information and Systems

Volume 17 (2017)

Number 4

Layered black-box, behavioral interconnection perspective and applications to problems in communications, Part I: i.i.d. sources

Pages: 193 – 217



Mukul Agarwal (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)

Sanjoy Mitter (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.)

Anant Sahai (Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley)


In this paper, the problem of communication over an essentially unknown channel, which is known to be able to communicate a source to a destination to within a certain distortion level, is considered from a behavioral, interconnection view-point. Rates of reliable communication are derived and source-channel separation for communication with fidelity criteria is proved. The results are then generalized to the unicast multi-user setting under certain assumptions. Other applications of this problem problem which follow from this perspective are discussed.

Sanjoy Mitter’s research has been supported by NSF Grant CCF-0325774 ITR :: Collaborative Research : New Approaches to Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis and Structural Biologic Data from Multiple Sources (2003-2009 ) and NSF grant EECS-1135843 CPS : Medium : Collaborative Research : Smart Power Systems of the Future : Foundations for Understanding Volatility and Improving Operational Reliability (2011–2017).

Published 14 March 2018