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Shi Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

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--A note on semi-groups of stochastic gradient descent and online principal component analysis

Yuanyuan Feng

Lei Li

Jian-Guo Liu

2018 Jan 29
--Boundary layer analysis for the fast horizontal rotating fluids

Wei-Xi Li

Van-Sang Ngo

Chao-Jiang Xu

2018 Nov 28
--The local existence of strong solutions to the Cauchy problem of two-dimensional density-dependent magnetic B{'e}nard problem with nonnegative density

Xin Zhong

2019 Nov 18
--Radon measure solutions for steady hypersonic-limit Euler flows passing two-dimensional finite non-symmetric obstacles and interactions of free concentration layers

Aifang Qu

Li Wang

Hairong Yuan

2020 Nov 4
--Non-uniqueness of transonic shock solutions to non-isentropic Euler-Poisson system

Ben Duan

Na Zhang

2020 Nov 7
--On entropic solutions to conservation laws coupled with moving bottlenecks

Thibault Liard

Benedetto Piccoli

2020 Nov 17
--Decoherence rhapsody in the photosynthesis process

Claudia Negulescu

2020 Nov 18
--Boundary Layer and Asymptotic Stability for the Navier-Stokes-Poisson Equations with Nonslip Boundary Condition

Yanlin Wang

2020 Nov 22
--Global dynamics below the ground states for NLS under partial harmonic confinement

Alex H. Ardila

Rémi Carles

2020 Nov 23
--Analysis of the role of convection in a system describing the tumor-induced angiogenesis

Hai-Yang Jin

Jiao Xu

2020 Nov 26
--A proof that deep artificial neural networks overcome the curse of dimensionality in the numerical approximation of Kolmogorov partial differential equations with constant diffusion and nonlinear drift coefficients

Arnulf Jentzen

Diyora Salimova

Timo Welti

2020 Nov 28
--Local error of a splitting scheme for a nonlinear Schrödinger-type equation with random dispersion

Renaud Marty

2020 Dec 4
--Strong solutions to a modified Michelson-Sivashinsky equation

Hussain Ibdah

2020 Dec 8
--Blow up of a Hyperbolic SQG Model

Hang Yang

2020 Dec 17
--A regularity criterion for the Navier-Stokes equations via one diagonal entry of the velocity gradient

Zdeněk Skalák

2020 Dec 17
--Interior Eigensolver for Sparse Hermitian Definite Matrices\ Based on Zolotarev's Functions

Yingzhou Li

Haizhao Yang

2020 Dec 19
--Long time existence of the Boussinesq equation with large initial data in R^n

Guowei Liu

Wenlong Sun

2020 Dec 21
--The interaction of elementary waves for nonisentropic flow in a variable cross-section duct

Qinglong Zhang

2020 Dec 21
--Large-Time Behavior of Solutions to Cauchy Problem for Bipolar Euler-Poisson System with Time- Dependent Damping in Critical Case

Liping Luan

Ming Mei

Bruno Rubino

Peicheng Zhu

2020 Dec 21
--Stability of degenerate stationary solution to the outflow problem for full Navier-Stokesequations

Yazhou Chen

hakho hong

Xiaoding Shi

2020 Dec 24
--Galerkin spectral methods for an elliptic optimal control problem with $L^{2}$-norm state constraint

Yanping Chen

Yunqing Huang

Xiuxiu Lin

2020 Dec 30
--Existence of global weak solutions to the compressible Ericksen-Leslie system in dimension one

Huajun Gong

Tao Huang

Changyou Wang

2021 Jan 3
--Complete monotonicity-preserving numerical methods for time fractional ODEs

Lei Li

Dongling Wang

2021 Jan 4
--Global solutions of 3D tropical climate model with finite energy

Fan Wang

Silu Yin

2021 Jan 4
--The Existence of Compressible Subsonic Impinging Jet Flow in an Arbitrary Nozzle

xiaohui Wang

2021 Jan 5
--Interaction of the elementary waves for shallow water equations with discontinuous topography

Wancheng Sheng

Qinglong Zhang

Yuxi Zheng

2021 Jan 6
--Large time asymptotic behavior of grain boundaries motion with dynamic lattice misorientations and with triple junctions drag

Yekaterina Epshteyn

Chun Liu

Masashi Mizuno

2021 Jan 13
--Exponential synchronization of Kuramoto oscillators with time delayed coupling

Young-Pil Choi

Cristina Pignotti

2021 Jan 13
--Cauchy-Born Rule and Stability of Crystalline Solids at Finite Temperature

Tao Luo

Yang Xiang

Jerry Yang

Cheng Yuan

2021 Jan 14
--The Cauchy Problem for a non Strictly Hyperbolic 3x3 System of Conservation Laws Arising in Polymer Flooding

Graziano Guerra

Wen Shen

2021 Jan 18
--A Cahn--Hilliard model with a proliferation termfor the proliferative-to-invasive transition of hypoxic glioma cells

Laurence Cherfils

Rémy Guillevin

Lu Li

Alain Miranville

2021 Jan 21
--Regularized Least Square Kernel Regression for Streaming Data

Hongwei Sun

Qiang Wu

Xiaoqing Zheng

2021 Jan 27
--Numerical methods for stochastic di erential equations based on Gaussian mixture

Lei Li

Jianfeng Lu

Jonathan C. Mattingly

Lihan Wang

2021 Feb 1
--Microscopic and Macroscopic Traffic Flow Models including Random Accidents

Simone Göttlich

Thomas Schillinger

2021 Feb 6
--Entropy Admissibility of the Limit Solution for a Nonlocal Model of Traffic Flow

Alberto Bressan

Wen Shen

2021 Feb 8
--Remarks on the energy inequality of a global $L^{infty}$ solution to the compressible Euler equations for the isentropic nozzle flow in the strong sense

Naoki Tsuge

2021 Feb 20
--On the sedimentation of a droplet in Stokes flow

Amina Mecherbet

2021 Feb 21
--Global existence of strong solutions to the planar compressible magnetohydrodynamic equations with large initial data in unbounded domains

Boqiang Lü

Xiaoding Shi

Chengfeng Xiong

2021 Feb 21
--Dynamics of the three dimensional viscous primitive equations of large-scale moist atmosphere

Bo You

2021 Mar 1
--On bifurcation of self-similar solutions of the stationary Navier-Stokes equations

Hyunju Kwon

Tai-Peng Tsai

2021 Mar 1
--Selection and mutation in a shifting and fluctuating environment

Susely Figueroa Iglesias

Sepideh Mirrahimi

2021 Mar 4
--A simple real-space scheme for periodic Dirac operators

Hua Chen

Olivier Pinaud

Muhammad Tahir

2021 Mar 8
--Wave breaking for a model equation for shallow water waves of moderate amplitude

Shaojie Yang

2021 Mar 15
--Global discontinuous solution for 1D isentropic gas dynamics system

Ahmad El Hajj

Hassan Ibrahim

Vivian Rizik

2021 Mar 15
--Homogenization of a discrete network model for chemical vapor infiltration process

Chun Xiao

Shixin Xu

xingye yue

Changrong Zhang

Changjuan Zhang

2021 Mar 15
--Complexity of randomized algorithms for underdamped Langevin dynamics

Yu Cao

Jianfeng Lu

Lihan Wang

2021 Mar 23
--On the continuous time limit of Ensemble Square Root Filters

Theresa Lange

Wilhelm Stannat

2021 Apr 2
--A Nonlocal Model of Elliptic Equation with Jump Coefficients on Manifold

Zuoqiang Shi

Yajie Zhang

2021 Apr 3
--Global Strong Solutions for Planar Full Compressible Hall-MHD Equations with Large Initial Data

Suhua Lai

Xinying Xu

2021 Apr 7
--Kinetic and hydrodynamic models for the relativistic Cucker-Smale ensemble and emergent behaviors

Seung-Yeal Ha

Jeongho Kim

Tommaso Ruggeri

2021 Apr 18