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Shi Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--A note on semi-groups of stochastic gradient descent and online principal component analysis

Yuanyuan Feng

Lei Li

Jian-Guo Liu

2018 Jan 29
--Boundary layer analysis for the fast horizontal rotating fluids

Wei-Xi Li

Van-Sang Ngo

Chao-Jiang Xu

2018 Nov 28
--The local existence of strong solutions to the Cauchy problem of two-dimensional density-dependent magnetic Bénard problem with nonnegative density

Xin Zhong

2019 Nov 18
--Blow up of a Hyperbolic SQG Model

Hang Yang

2020 Dec 17
--Accurate Deterministic Projection Methods for Stiff Detonation Waves

Alina Chertock

Shaoshuai Chu

Alexander Kurganov

2023 Sep 7
--Resonant duet modeling approach for the spectral analysis of strongly nonlinear wave turbulent signal

Wonjung Lee

2023 Sep 15
--An $\alpha$-robust linearized virtual element method for a time-fractional Allen-Cahn equation

Qiling Gu

Yanping Chen

Jianwei Zhou

Yunqing Huang

2023 Sep 22
--Boltzmann mean-field game model for knowledge growth: limits to learning and general utilities

Martin Burger

Laura Kanzler

Marie-Therese Wolfram

2023 Sep 27
--Existence and uniqueness of smooth solutions for the high-order Landau-Lifshitz type systems

Boling Guo

Ying Zhang

2023 Oct 1
--Scalar auxiliary variable approach in iterative minimization formulation for saddle point search

Shuting Gu

Chenxi Wang

Zhen Zhang

Xiang Zhou

2023 Oct 2
--Stability and convergence of a variable-step stabilized BDF2 stepping for the MBE model with slope selection

Jindi Wang

Yin Yang

Hong-lin Liao

2023 Oct 2
--The Cauchy problem for a coupling system of Vlasov-Fokker-Planck/compressible Navier-Stokes equations

Wenjun Wang

2023 Oct 3
--Electromagnetic wave scattering by an elastic body in a two-layered medium

Jiaqing Yang

Tielei Zhu

2023 Oct 7
--Limiting dynamics for stochastic Navier-Stokes equations on expanding unbounded domains

Fuzhi Li

Yangrong Li

2023 Oct 12
--Variational Approach to Simultaneous Fusion and Denoising of Color Images with Different Spatial Resolution

Ciro D'Apice

Peter I. Kogut

Rosanna Manzo

Claudia Pipino

2023 Oct 12
--Frozen Gaussian Sampling: A Mesh-free Monte Carlo Method For Approximating Semiclassical Schr\"odinger Equations

Yantong Xie

Zhennan Zhou

2023 Oct 28
--Global boundedness and eventual regularity of chemotaxis-fluid model driven by porous medium diffusion

Chunhua Jin

2023 Nov 1
--Representation Theorem for Multivariable Totally Symmetric Functions

Chongyao Chen

Ziang Chen

Jianfeng Lu

2023 Nov 3
--Long-time existence of Gevrey-2 solutions to the 3D Prandtl boundary layer equations

Xinghong Pan

Chao-Jiang Xu

2023 Nov 6
--Global Existence and Exponential Stability of Planar Magnetohydrodynamics with Temperature-Dependent Transport Coefficients

Ying Sun

Jianwen Zhang

2023 Nov 6
--Chemotactic Reaction Enhancement in One Dimension

Yishu Gong

Alexander Alex Kiselev

2023 Nov 15
--Strong convergence rates of a fully discrete scheme for the stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equation with additive noise

Ruisheng Qi

Meng Cai

Xiaojie Wang

2023 Nov 19
--Global regularity criteria of the 3D MHD-Boussinesq equations withoutthermal diffusion

Zhengguang Guo

Zunzun Zhang

Caidi Zhao

2023 Nov 22
--Differentiable Hartman-Grobman Theorem via modulus of continuity: A sharp result on linearization in general Banach space

Zhicheng Tong

Yong Li

2023 Nov 22
--Implicit-explicit Runge-Kutta methods for Landau-Lifshitz equation with arbitrary damping

Yan Gui

Cheng Wang

Jingrun Chen

2023 Dec 18
--Revisiting the CLT for the SGD-type methods

Tiejun Li

Tiannan Xiao

Guoguo Yang

2023 Dec 18
--Machine Learning Methods for Autonomous Ordinary Differential Equations

Maxime Bouchereau

Philippe Chartier

Mohammed Lemou

Florian Mehats

2023 Dec 21
--A note on the relaxation process in a class of non-equilibrium two-phase flow models

Jean-Marc Hérard

2023 Dec 22
--Asymptotic stability of nonlinear wave for an inflow problem to the compressible Navier-Stokes-Korteweg system

Yeping Li

Yujie Qian

Rong Yin

2023 Dec 28
--Stability for the 2D Micropolar equations with partial dissipation near Couette flow

Queting Jin

Quansen Jiu

2023 Dec 28
--Global smooth solutions to the two-dimensional axisymmetric Zeldovich-von Neumann-Doring combustion equations with swirl

Honghua Chen

Geng Lai

Wancheng Sheng

2023 Dec 28
--IMEX variable step-size Runge-Kutta methods for parabolic integro-differential equations with nonsmooth initial data

Wansheng Wang

Mengli Mao

Zifeng Li

2024 Jan 7
--Existence and Large Time Behavior for a Dissipative Variant of the Rotational NLS Equation

Paolo Antonelli

Boris Shakarov

2024 Jan 10
--The Conditional Barycenter Problem, its Data-Driven Formulation and its Solution through Normalizing Flows

Esteban Gregorio Tabak

Giulio Trigila

Wenjun Zhao

2024 Jan 16
--The hp-FEM applied to the Helmholtz equation with PML truncation does not suffer from the pollution effect

Jeffrey Eric Galkowski

David Lafontaine

Euan A. Spence

Jared Wunsch

2024 Jan 17
--An efficient interface hydrostatic reconstruction for the two-layer shallow flows with arbitrary wet-dry fronts

Dingfang Li

jian Dong

2024 Jan 25
--A Note on Enhanced Dissipation of Time-dependent Shear Flows

Daniel Coble

Siming He

2024 Jan 25
--The gravitational Vlasov-Poisson system with infinite mass and velocities in $\mathbb{R}^3$

Guido Cavallaro

Carlo Marchioro

2024 Jan 27
--The hydrostatic limit of the Beris-Edwards system in dimension two

Xingyu Li

Marius-Gheorghe Paicu

Arghir Dani Zarnescu

2024 Jan 30
--Pattern alternations induced by nonlocal interactions

Swadesh Pal

Roderick V. Nicholas Melnik

Malay Banerjee

2024 Feb 3
--Localization and the landscape function for regular Sturm-Liouville operators

Mirza Karamehmedović

Faouzi Triki

2024 Feb 3
--Spectral Galerkin Method for Solving Elastic Wave Scattering Problems with Multiple Open Arcs

Carlos Jerez-Hanckes

José Pinto

Tao Yin

2024 Feb 3
--A Nonlocal diffusion model with $H^1$ convergence for Dirichlet Boundary

Tangjun Wang

Zuoqiang Shi

2024 Feb 7
--Convergence of the Fourier-Galerkin spectral method for the Boltzmann equation with uncertainties

Kunlun Qi

Liu Liu

2024 Feb 8
--Global weak solutions to the compressible magnetohydrodynamic and Vlasov equations

Yunfei Su

Lei Yao

2024 Feb 24
--On the stochastic synchronization of the Winfree model with a multiplicative noise

Seung-Yeal Ha

Dongnam Ko

Woojoo Shim

2024 Feb 26
--Two temperature Lagrangian hydrodynamics : path-consistent solutions and their numerical approximation through in-cell discontinuous reconstruction

Bastien Manach-Pérennou

Christophe Chalons

2024 Feb 27