Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 2 (2004)

Number 1


The non-relativistic limit of the Nordström-Vlasov System

Simone Calogero and Hayoung Lee

pp. 19-34

Stablity of solitary waves in higher order Sobolev spaces

Jerry L. Bona, Yue Liu, and Nghiem V. Nguyen

pp. 35-52

Conservative multigrid methods for ternary Cahn-Hilliard systems

Kyungkeun Kang, Junseok Kim, and John Lowengrub

pp. 53-77

Diffusion induced by grain boundaries: a SHE model

Naoufel Ben Abdallah and Hédia Chaker

pp. 95-120

Hydrodynamic limits of Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equation for granular media

Dario Benedetto, Emanuele Caglioti, François Golse, and Mario Pulvirenti

pp. 121-136

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