Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 9 (2011)

Number 3

Correlation of ambient noise signals in the radiative transport regime

Pages: 743 – 766



Josselin Garnier (Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires, Université Paris, France)

Knut Sølna (Department of Mathematics, University of California at Irvine)


The cross correlation of the wave signals emitted by ambient noise sources can be used to estimate the Green’s function of the wave equation in an inhomogeneous medium. In this paper we clarify the role of random scattering in the Green’s function estimation in the radiative transport regime and we show how this insight can be used to estimate the velocity of propagation of a smooth background medium.


Green’s function estimation, passive sensor imaging, noise sources, random media

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification

35R30, 35R60, 78A46, 86A15

Published 11 March 2011