Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 10 (2012)

Number 4


A continuum model for the dynamics of dislocation arrays

Yang Xiang and Xiaohong Zhu

pp. 1081-1103

Fast time implicit-explicit discontinuous Galerkin method for convection dominated flow problems

Frédéric Coquel, Claude Marmignon, and Florent Renac

pp. 1161-1172

Optimal input flows for a PDE–ODE model of supply chains

Ciro D’Apice, Rosanna Manzo, and Benedetto Piccoli

pp. 1225-1240

Beyond pressureless gas dynamics: quadrature-based velocity moment models

Christophe Chalons, Damien Kah, and Marc Massot

pp. 1241-1272

Fast Communications

A dynamic model of open vesicles in fluids

Fredric S. Cohen, Robert Eisenberg, and Rolf J. Ryham

pp. 1273-1285

Gaussian beam methods for the Dirac equation in the semi-classical regime

Zhongyi Huang, Shi Jin, Hao Wu, and Dongsheng Yin

pp. 1301-1315