Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 14 (2016)

Number 4


A stochastic epidemic model incorporating media coverage

Yongli Cai, Yun Kang, Malay Banerjee, and Weiming Wang

pp. 893-910

Boundary layer solutions of charge conserving Poisson–Boltzmann equations: One-dimensional case

Chiun-Chang Lee, Hijin Lee, Yunkyong Hyon, Tai-Chia Lin, and Chun Liu

pp. 911-940

Positive semi-definiteness of generalized anti-circulant tensors

Guoyin Li, Liqun Qi, and Qun Wang

pp. 941-952

Multiplicities of tensor eigenvalues

Shenglong Hu and Ke Ye

pp. 1049-1071

Emergence of phase-locked states for the Kuramoto model in a large coupling regime

Seung-Yeal Ha, Hwa Kil Kim, and Sang Woo Ryoo

pp. 1073-1091

A hierarchical extension scheme for solutions of the Wright–Fisher model

Julian Hofrichter, Tat Dat Tran, and Jürgen Jost

pp. 1093-1110

Single to double mill small noise transition via semi-Lagrangian finite volume methods

José A. Carrillo, Axel Klar, and Andreas Roth

pp. 1111-1136

Homogenization of materials with sign changing coefficients

Renata Bunoiu and Karim Ramdani

pp. 1137-1154

Fast Communications

Effects of an advection term in nonlocal Lotka–Volterra equations

Rebecca H. Chisholm, Tommaso Lorenzi, and Alexander Lorz

pp. 1181-1188