Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 16 (2018)

Number 6


Overlapping localized exponential time differencing methods for diffusion problems

Thi-Thao-Phuong Hoang, Lili Ju, and Zhu Wang

pp. 1531-1555

Wave propagation in random waveguides with long-range correlations

Christophe Gomez and Knut Sølna

pp. 1557-1596

Variant of optimality criteria method for multiple state optimal design problems

Krešimir Burazin, Ivana Crnjac, and Marko Vrdoljak

pp. 1597-1614

Global dissipative solutions of the Novikov equation

Shouming Zhou, Li Yang, and Chunlai Mu

pp. 1615-1633

Direct and inverse elastic scattering from a locally perturbed rough surface

Guanghui Hu, Xiaokai Yuan, and Yue Zhao

pp. 1635-1658

The asymptotic behavior of primitive equations with multiplicative noise

Rangrang Zhang, Guoli Zhou, and Boling Guo

pp. 1685-1711

Fast Communications

A simple approach to temporal cloaking

Gregory Eskin

pp. 1749-1755