Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 17 (2019)

Number 5

Dedicated to the memory of Professor David Shen Ou Cai



Weinan E, Dan Hu, Shi Jin, David McLaughlin, and Douglas Dongzhuo Zhou

Analysis of spike-driven processes through attributable components

Horacio G. Rotstein and Esteban G. Tabak

pp. 1177-1192

A mesoscopic model of biological transportation networks

Martin Burger, Jan Haskovec, Peter Markowich, and Helene Ranetbauer

pp. 1213-1234

ODE- and PDE-based modeling of biological transportation networks

Jan Haskovec, Lisa Maria Kreusser, and Peter Markowich

pp. 1235-1256

The role of sparsity in inverse problems for networks with nonlinear dynamics

Victor J. Barranca, Gregor Kovačič, and Douglas Zhou

pp. 1291-1311

Asymmetric behavior of surface waves induced by an underlying interfacial wave

Shixiao W. Jiang, Gregor Kovačič, and Douglas Zhou

pp. 1333-1351

Representing conditional Granger causality by vector auto-regressive parameters

Yanyang Xiao, Songting Li, and Douglas Zhou

pp. 1353-1386

The evolution of large-scale modeling of monkey primary visual cortex, V1: steps towards understanding cortical function

Lai Sang Young, Louis Tao, Michael Shelley, Robert Shapley, Aaditya Rangan, and David W. McLaughlin

pp. 1387-1406

Coarse-grained descriptions of oscillations in neuronal network models

Jennifer Crodelle, Katherine A. Newhall, Pamela B. Pyzza, and Gregor Kovačič

pp. 1437-1458