Communications in Number Theory and Physics

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David Kazhdan (Hebrew University)

Maxim Kontsevich (Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques)

Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

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General Information

Submit your paper for consideration to:  Noriko Yui, Managing Editor,

or to any member of the editorial board.

General point of contact: .

MSC Codes. Your submission should include relevant Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) codes.

Authoring Template/Instructions: Available here.

Consent-to-Publish: Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the author(s) must sign and submit a consent-to-publish agreement to International Press.

Copyright: Author has the option to retain copyright of his or her paper.

Paper format(s) of initial submission. Required: Adobe PDF file.

Paper format(s) upon acceptance. Required: LaTeX, author-compiled Adobe PDF as reference. Preferred: LaTeX 2e, using the specified LaTeX 2e authoring template.

About Submissions

Manuscripts should be prepared for publication in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Section titles, end of proofs, etc. should be clearly distinguished in the text.
  2. Equations, theorems, lemma, corollaries, etc. should be numbered in a consistent, logical and unambiguous way.
  3. Symbols should be legible, compact, and conform to current usage.
  4. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and as brief as possible.
  5. References should be listed at the end of the text alphabetically and designated by numbers or abbreviations in square brackets in the text. Authors should consult the American Mathematical Society’ Mathematical Reviews for abbreviations of journal citations.

In general, authors should be guided by the book A Manual for Authors (1980 edition), published by the American Mathematical Society.

Selection and Acceptance

Copyediting and Proofreading

The publisher reserves the right to copyedit all articles accepted for publication. Authors will be asked to review proofs of their articles to correct any typographical or technical errors.


By submitting a manuscript for publication, the authors acknowledge that the work is original and is not being submitted to another journal. When a paper is accepted for publication, the authors are asked to transfer the copyright to International Press. However, the authors will have the option to retain copyright and grant only permission to publish. In such case, the publisher will have no responsibility to protect the author’s work. If the copyright is transferred to the publisher, the authors will be permitted to reproduce their works for fair use, which would not include any profit-making activities.

Author Copies

Upon publication of each issue of a journal, International Press will provide each contributing author with one bound copy of the journal issue and a PDF (electronic rendering) of his paper as published.