Homology, Homotopy and Applications

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Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford University, U.S.A.)

Executive Editor

Donald Davis (Lehigh University, U.S.A.)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Accepted OnMS No.
--The v_n-Periodic Goodwillie Tower On Wedges and Cofibres

Lukas Brantner

Gijs Heuts

2019 Feb 19180820-Heuts
--Adams-Hilton model and the group of self-homotopy equivalences of a simply connected cw-complex

Mahmoud Benkhalifa

2019 Mar 29180609-Benkhalifa
--A note on a Holstein construction

Sergey Arkhipov

Daria Poliakova

2019 Jun 28190205-Poliakova
--Time-reversal homotopical properties of concurrent systems

Cameron Calk

Eric Goubault

Philippe Malbos

2019 Aug 6190127-Goubault
--Topological K-theory of Equivariant Singularity Categories

Michael K. Brown

Tobias Dyckerhoff

2019 Aug 7190306-Brown
--An algebraic representation of globular sets

Anibal Medina-Mardones

2019 Aug 26190624-Medina
--Crossed modules and symmetric cohomology of groups

Mariam Pirashvili

2019 Aug 28190401-Pirashvili
--The non-nil-invariance of TP

Ryo Horiuchi

2019 Sep 13190129-Horiuchi
--A dg Lie model for relative homotopy automorphisms

Alexander Berglund

Bashar Saleh

2019 Sep 14190711-Saleh
--On a Conjecture of Mahowald on the Cohomology of Finite Sub-Hopf algebras of the Steenrod Algebra

Paul Shick

2019 Sep 27190430-Shick
--Euler characteristics of finite homotopy colimits

John D Berman

2019 Oct 1190905-Berman
--Koszul duality and the Hochschild cohomology of Artin-Schelter regular algebras

LeiLei Liu

2019 Oct 15190125-LeiLeiLiu
--Equivariant Steinberg Summands

Krishanu Sankar

2019 Nov 5190527-Sankar
--Constructions of self-maps of SU(4) via Postnikov towers

Jim Fowler

Chris Kennedy

2019 Dec 12190814-Fowler
--Compatible actions in semi-abelian categories

Davide di Micco

Tim Van der Linden

2019 Dec 20190812-VanderLinden