Homology, Homotopy and Applications

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Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford University, U.S.A.)

Executive Editor

Donald Davis (Lehigh University, U.S.A.)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)
--The Tamarkin--Tsygan calculus of an algebra <i>a la</i> Stasheff

Pedro Tamaroff

--Rigidification of dendroidal infinity-operads

Peter Bonventre

Luís A. Pereira

--Invariants for tame parametrised chain complexes

Wojciech Chachólski

Barbara Giunti

Claudia Landi

--Homotopy Gerstenhaber formality of Davis-Januszkiewicz spaces

Matthias Franz

--Two-dimensional Golod complexes

Kouyemon Iriye

Daisuke Kishimoto

--Comparing the orthogonal and unitary functor calculi

Niall Taggart

--Gauge equivalence for complete L-infinity algebras

Ai Guan

--The $P_2^1$ Margolis homology of connective topological modular forms

Prasit Bhattacharya

Irina Bobkova

Brian Thomas

--Left Bousfield Localization and Eilenberg-Moore Categories

Michael Batanin

David White

--Hyperoctahedral Homology for Involutive Algebras

Daniel Graves

--Relative A^1-homology and its applications

Yuri Shimizu

--Generalized persistence and graded structures

Eero Hyry

Markus Klemetti

--The homotopy types of $SU(n)$-gauge groups over $S^{2m}

Sajjad Mohammadi

--Reciprocity sheaves, II

Bruno Kahn

Shuji Saito

Takao Yamazaki

--Symmetric Hochschild cohomology of twisted group algebras

Tiberiu Coconeț

Constantin-Cosmin Todea

--Structure of semi-continuous q-tame persistence modules

Maximilian Schmahl

--On the extension problem for weak moment maps

Leyli Mammadova

Leonid Ryvkin

--Bousfield-Segal spaces

Raffael Stenzel

--Erratum to "Properness and simplicial resolutions for the model category dgCat"

Julian Holstein

--An R-motivic v1-self-map of periodicity 1

Prasit Bhattacharya

Bertrand J. Guillou

Ang Li

--Non-commutative localisation and finite domination over strongly Z-graded rings

Thomas Hüttemann

--An upper bound on the topological complexity of discriminantal varieties

Andrea Bianchi

--Cellular Sheaves of Lattices and the Tarski Laplacian

Robert Ghrist

Hans Riess

--$A_infty$-categories, their $infty$-category, and their localizations

Yong-Geun Oh

Hiro Lee Tanaka

--Stability of Loday constructions

Ayelet Lindenstrauss

Birgit Richter