Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Newest issue

Volume 26 (2024)

Number 1


Independence complexes of $(n \times 6)$-grid graphs

Takahiro Matsushita and Shun Wakatsuki

pp. 15-27

Unstable algebras over an operad II

Sacha Ikonicoff

pp. 37-67

Homotopy theory of spectral sequences

Muriel Livernet and Sarah Whitehouse

pp. 69-86

On strict polynomial functors with bounded domain

Marcin Chałupnik and Patryk Jaśniewski

pp. 87-104

An elementary proof of the chromatic Smith fixed point theorem

William Balderrama and Nicholas J. Kuhn

pp. 131-140

Comparing diagonals on the associahedra

Samson Saneblidze and Ronald Umble

pp. 141-149

Compact Lie groups and complex reductive groups

John Jones, Dmitriy Rumynin, and Adam Thomas

pp. 177-188

A degree theorem for the simplicial closure of Auter Space

Juliet Aygun and Jeremy Miller

pp. 189-199

The homotopy class of twisted $L_\infty$-morphisms

Andreas Kraft and Jonas Schnitzer

pp. 201-227

A homotopy orbit spectrum for profinite groups

Daniel G. Davis and Vojislav Petrović

pp. 367-400