Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 18 (2016)

Number 1


Dwyer–Kan localization revisited

Vladimir Hinich

pp. 27-48

Pointed homotopy of maps between 2-crossed modules of commutative algebras

İ. İlker Akça, Kadir Emir, and João Faria Martins

pp. 99-128

A note on coverings of posets, $A$-spaces and polyhedra

Jonathan Ariel Barmak and Elias Gabriel Minian

pp. 143-150

Monoids and pointed $S$-protomodular categories

Dominique Bourn, Nelson Martins-Ferreira, Andrea Montoli, and Manuela Sobral

pp. 151-172

Mapping spaces from projective spaces

Mitsunobu Tsutaya

pp. 173-203

An alternate approach to the Lie bracket on Hochschild cohomology

Cris Negron and Sarah Witherspoon

pp. 265-285

Equivariant $\Gamma$-spaces

Dominik Ostermayr

pp. 295-324

A note on descent for coalgebras

Maurice Kianpi and Celestin Nkuimi-Jugnia

pp. 339-342

The ring of algebraic functions on persistence bar codes

Aaron Adcock, Erik Carlsson, and Gunnar Carlsson

pp. 381-402