Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 19 (2017)

Number 2


(Co)homology of poset Lie algebras

Leon Lampret and Aleš Vavpetič

pp. 1-20

On $H$-spaces and a congruence of Catalan numbers

Tamar Friedmann and John Harper

pp. 21-30

Categorifying the magnitude of a graph

Richard Hepworth and Simon Willerton

pp. 31-60

On the dimension of classifying spaces for families of abelian subgroups

Ged Corob Cook, Victor Moreno, Brita Nucinkis, and Federico W. Pasini

pp. 83-87

Extending homotopy theories across adjunctions

Nick Gurski, Niles Johnson, and Angélica M. Osorno

pp. 89-110

Twisted simplicial groups and twisted homology of categories

J. Y. Li, V. V. Vershinin, and J. Wu

pp. 111-130

A note on thick subcategories and wide subcategories

Chao Zhang and Hongyan Cai

pp. 131-139

Box complexes and homotopy theory of graphs

Takahiro Matsushita

pp. 175-197

A note on the algebraic de Rham universal classes

Marek Golasiński and Francisco Gómez Ruiz

pp. 199-218

Univalence for inverse EI diagrams

Michael Shulman

pp. 219-249

Twisted Blanchfield pairings and decompositions of 3-manifolds

Stefan Friedl, Constance Leidy, Matthias Nagel, and Mark Powell

pp. 275-287

Persistence of zero sets

Peter Franek and Marek Krčál

pp. 313-342

Explicit homotopy limits of $\mathrm{dg}$-categories and twisted complexes

Jonathan Block, Julian Holstein, and Zhaoting Wei

pp. 343-371