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Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Conical $3$-uniform measure: a family of new examples and characterizations

A. Dali Nimer

2019 Mar 11
--Minimal planes in asymptotically flat three-manifolds

Laurent Mazet

Harold Rosenberg

2019 Mar 11
--Length of a shortest closed geodesic in manifolds of dimension four

Nan Wu

Zhifei Zhu

2019 Mar 27
--CR eigenvalue estimate and Kohn–Rossi cohomology



2019 May 29
--Alexandrov-Fenchel inequalities for convex hypersurfaces with free boundary in a ball

Julian Scheuer

Guofang Wang

Chao Xia

2019 Sep 19
--Symmetries of exotic negatively curved manifolds

Mauricio Bustamante

Bena Tshishiku

2019 Sep 19
--An effective theory of GW and FJRW invariants of quintics Calabi–Yau manifolds

Huai-liang Chang

Wei-Ping Li

Jun Li

Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu

2019 Sep 19
--Visible actions of compact Lie groups on complex spherical varieties

Yuichiro Tanaka

2019 Sep 19
--Algebraic torus actions on contact manifolds

Jarosław Buczyński

Andrzej Weber

Jaroslaw Wisniewski

2019 Dec 6
--Morita equivalence and the generalized Kähler potential

Bischoff Francis

Marco Gualtieri

Zabzine Maxim

2019 Dec 6
--The singular set of minimal surfaces near polyhedral cones

Maria Colombo

Nick Edelen

Luca Spolaor

2019 Dec 6
--On the geometric structure of currents tangent to smooth distributions

Giovanni Alberti

Annalisa Massaccesi

Eugene Stepanov

2019 Dec 9
--Closed geodesics on connected sums and 3-manifolds

Hans-Bert Rademacher

Iskander A. Taimanov

2020 Jan 7
--Unfolded Seiberg–Witten Floer spectra, II: Relative invariants and the gluing theorem

Tirasan Khandhawit

Jianfeng Lin

Hirofumi Sasahira

2020 Jan 7
--Global Nash–Kuiper theorem for compact manifolds

Wentao Cao

László Székelyhidi

2020 Jan 7
--A uniqueness theorem for asymptotically cylindrical shrinking Ricci solitons

Brett Kotschwar

Lu Wang

2020 Jan 24
--$SU(2)$-cyclic surgeries and the pillowcase

Steven Sivek

Raphael Zentner

2020 Jan 27
--Growth of quantum $6j$-symbols and applications to the Volume Conjecture

Giulio Belletti

Renaud Detcherry

Efstratia Kalfagianni

Tian Yang

2020 Jan 28
--A note on Selberg’s Lemma and negatively curved Hadamard manifolds

Michael Kapovich

2020 Jan 28
--Constant mean curvature spheres in homogeneous three-spheres

William H. Meeks III

Pablo Mira

Joaquín Pérez

Antonio Ros

2020 Jan 28
--On Non-Diffractive Cones

Jeffrey Galkowski

Jared Wunsch

2020 Jan 31
--Scherk-like Translators for Mean Curvature Flow

David Hoffman

Francisco Martín

Brian White

2020 Feb 3
--Band width estimates via the Dirac operator

Rudolf Zeidler

2020 Feb 3
--Index theory and deformations of open nonnegatively curved manifolds

Igor Belegradek

2020 Feb 26
--Generalized square knots and homotopy 4-spheres

Jeffrey Meier

Alexander Zupan

2020 Feb 26
--Nonclassical minimizing surfaces with smooth boundary

Camillo De Lellis

Guido De Philippis

Jonas Hirsch

2020 May 27
--Weakly Symmetric Pseudo-Riemannian Nilmanifolds

Zhiqi Chen

Joseph A. Wolf

2020 May 28
--On the Beloshapka's rigidity conjecture for real submanifolds in complex space

Jan Gregorovič

2020 Jul 7
--Local control on the geometry in 3D Ricci flow

Miles Simon

Peter M. Topping

2020 Aug 13
--Cusp Excursions of Random Geodesics in Weil--Petersson Type Metrics

Vaibhav Gadre

Carlos Matheus

2020 Aug 13
--Cohomology of contact loci

Nero Budur

Javier Fernandez de Bobadilla

Duc Nguyen

Lê Quý Thương

2020 Sep 1
--Complete complex hypersurfaces in the ball come in foliations

Antonio Alarcón

2020 Sep 2
--On O'Hara knot energies I: Regularity for critical knots

Simon Blatt

Philipp Reiter

Armin Schikorra

2020 Sep 14
--Bounded multiplicity for eigenvalues of a circular vibrating clamped plate

Yuri Lvovsky

Dan Mangoubi

2020 Sep 14
--The trace embedding lemma and spinelessness

Kyle Hayden

Lisa Piccirillo

2020 Sep 14
--Semistability, modular lattices, and iterated logarithms

Fabian Haiden

Ludmil Katzarkov

Maxim Kontsevich

Pranav Pandit

2020 Sep 21
--Relative Clifford inequality for varieties fibered by curves

Tong Zhang

2020 Oct 2
--Refined disk potentials for immersed Lagrangian surfaces

Tobias Ekholm

Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell

Dmitry Tonkonog

2020 Oct 6
--Limit of Weierstrass measure on stable curves

Ngai-Fung Ng

Sai-Kee Yeung

2020 Oct 6
--On the topology and index of minimal surfaces II

Davi Maximo

Otis Chodosh

2020 Dec 2
--The stable cohomology of moduli spaces of sheaves on surfaces

Izzet Coskun

Matthew Woolf

2020 Dec 2
--Isoperimetry and volume preserving stability in real projective spaces

Celso Viana

2020 Dec 2
--Scalar curvature and harmonic maps to S^1

Daniel L. Stern

2020 Dec 2
--Spacetime Harmonic Functions and the Mass of 3-Dimensional Asymptotically Flat Initial Data for the Einstein Equations

Sven Hirsch

Demetre Kazaras

Marcus A. Khuri

2020 Dec 2
--Asymptotics of quantum $6j$ symbols

Qingtao Chen

Jun Murakami

2020 Dec 2
--The Loop Equation for Special Cubic Hodge Integrals

Si-Qi Liu

Di Yang

Youjin Zhang

Chunhui Zhou

2020 Dec 16
--The dilogarithm and abelian Chern-Simons

Daniel S. Freed

Andrew Neitzke

2020 Dec 16
--Gopakumar-Vafa invariants and wall-crossing

Yukinobu Toda

2021 Jan 28
--Spectral determination of semi-regular polygons

Alberto Enciso

Javier Gómez-Serrano

2021 Jan 28
--Inequalities of Chern classes on nonsingular projective $n$-folds of Fano and general type with ample canonical bundle

Rong Du

Hao Sun

2021 Jan 28
--On the rigidity of stationary charged black holes: small perturbations of the non-extremal Kerr-Newman family

Li Lai

Jiong-Yue Li

Pin Yu

2021 Jan 28
--Creating Stein surfaces by topological isotopy

Robert E. Gompf

2021 Jan 28
--Morse inequalities for the area functional

Fernando Codá Marques

Rafael Montezuma

André Neves

2021 Jan 28
--Harmonic Maps from $S^3$ into $S^2$ with low Morse Index

Tristan Rivière

2021 Jan 29
--Corks, exotic 4-manifolds and knot concordance

Kouichi Yasui

2021 Feb 19
--On the Fr{o}yshov invariant and monopole Lefschetz number

Jianfeng Lin

Daniel Ruberman

Nikolai Saveliev

2021 Feb 23
--The renormalized volume of a 4-dimensional Ricci-flat ALE space

Olivier Biquard

Hans-Joachim Hein

2021 Feb 23
--Infinite energy equivariant harmonic maps, domination, and anti-de Sitter 3-manifolds

Nathaniel Sagman

2021 Feb 25
--Supersymmetric localization, modularity and the Witten genus

Daniel Berwick-Evans

2021 Feb 25
--Riemann moduli spaces are quantum ergodic

Dean Baskin

Jesse Gell-Redman

Xiaolong Han

2021 Mar 24
--Extended Goldman symplectic structure in Fock-Goncharov coordinates

Marco Bertola

Dmitry Korotkin

2021 Mar 24
--A localized spacetime Penrose inequality and horizon detection with quasi-local mass

Aghil Alaee

Martin Lesourd

Shing-Tung Yau

2021 Mar 25
--SU(2)-Chern-Simons perturbation theory

Tatsuro Shimizu

2021 May 5
--The Riemannian Penrose inequality for asymptotically flat manifolds with non-compact boundary

Thomas Koerber

2021 May 13
--Free boundary minimal surfaces with connected boundary in the $3$-ball by tripling the equatorial disc

Nikolaos Kapouleas

David Wiygul

2021 Jun 14
--On a Conjecture of Meeks, Pérez and Ros

Vanderson Lima

2021 Jun 29
--Homogenization of random quasiconformal mappings and random Delauney triangulations

Oleg Ivrii

Vladimir Marković

2021 Jun 29
--Immersed two-spheres and SYZ with Application to Grassmannians

Hansol Hong

Yoosik Kim

Siu-Cheong Lau

2021 Jun 29
--Existence of multiple closed CMC hypersurfaces with small mean curvature

Akashdeep Dey

2021 Jun 29
--Geometry of the Maurer-Cartan equation near degenerate Calabi-Yau varieties

Kwokwai Chan

Naichung Conan Leung

Ziming Nikolas Ma

2021 Jul 7
--Conical Calabi-Yau metrics on toric affine varieties and convex cones

Robert Jakob Berman

2021 Jul 16
--Local Entropy and Generic Multiplicity One Singularities of Mean Curvature Flow of Surfaces

Ao Sun

2021 Jul 20
--Critical metrics for log-determinant functionals in conformal geometry

Pierpaolo Esposito

Andrea Malchiodi

2021 Aug 2
--On the Index of Willmore spheres

Jonas Hirsch

Elena Mäder-Baumdicker

2021 Aug 2
--Compactification of the space of Hamiltonian stationary Lagrangian submanifolds with bounded total extrinsic curvature and volume

Jingyi Chen

Micah W. Warren

2021 Aug 2
--Poles of cubic differentials and ends of convex RP^2-surfaces

Xin Nie

2021 Sep 9
--Canonical orientations for moduli spaces of $G_2$-instantons with gauge group SU$(m)$ or U$(m)$

Dominic D. Joyce

Markus Andreas Upmeier

2021 Sep 9
--Existence of Infinitely Many Minimal Hypersurfaces in Higher-dimensional Closed Manifolds with Generic Metrics

Yangyang Li

2021 Sep 9
--Improvements for Eigenfunction Averages: An application of geodesic beams

Yaiza Canzani

Jeffrey Galkowski

2021 Sep 9
--Area Estimates for High genus Lawson surfaces via DPW

Lynn Heller

Sebastian Heller

Martin Traizet

2021 Sep 9
--Super McShane Identity

Yi Huang

Robert Clark Penner

Anton M. Zeitlin

2021 Sep 9
--Existence of infinitely many free boundary minimal hypersurfaces

Zhichao Wang

2021 Sep 9
--Calabi-Yau metrics with conical singularities along line arrangements

Martin de Borbon

Cristiano Spotti

2021 Sep 23
--The index formula for families of Dirac type operators on pseudomanifolds

Pierre Albin

Jesse David Gell-Redman

2021 Sep 23
--Unitary monodromy implies the smoothness along the real axis for some Painleve VI equation, II

Zhijie Chen

Chang-Shou Lin

2021 Sep 23
--On number and evenness of solutions of the SU(3) Toda system on flat tori with non-critical parameters

Zhijie Chen

Chang-Shou Lin

2021 Sep 23
--Cabling Legendrian and transverse knots

Apratim Chakraborty

John Boyd Etnyre

Hyunki Min

2021 Sep 23
--Blowups and blowdowns of geodesics in Carnot groups

Eero Hakavuori

Enrico Le Donne

2021 Oct 12
--Constrained deformations of positive scalar curvature metrics

Alessandro Carlotto

Chao Li

2021 Oct 12
--The McKay correspondence via Floer theory

Mark McLean

Alexander Friedrich Ritter

2021 Dec 14
--The dihedral rigidity conjecture for n-prisms

Chao Li

2021 Dec 14
--Stringy K\"ahler moduli, mutation and monodromy

Will Donovan

Michael Wemyss

2021 Dec 14
--A family of 3d steady gradient solitons that are flying wings

Yi Lai

2021 Dec 14
--The Positive Mass Theorem with Arbitrary Ends

Martin Lesourd

Ryan Unger

Shing-Tung Yau

2021 Dec 14
--On the embedding complexity of Liouville manifolds

Sheel Ganatra

Kyler Bryce Siegel

2021 Dec 14
--Jumps in the height of the Ceresa cycle

Robin Sander de Jong

Farbod Shokrieh

2021 Dec 14
--Local version of Courant’s nodal domaintheorem

Sagun Chanillo

Alexander Logunov

Eugenia Malinnikova

Dan Mangoubi

2021 Dec 14
--Bitangents to the quartic surface and infinitesimal deformations

Pietro Corvaja

Francesco Zucconi

2022 Jan 12