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Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

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--CR eigenvalue estimate and Kohn–Rossi cohomology



2019 May 29
--The trace embedding lemma and spinelessness

Kyle Hayden

Lisa Piccirillo

2020 Sep 14
--Corks, exotic 4-manifolds and knot concordance

Kouichi Yasui

2021 Feb 19
--Stringy Kähler moduli, mutation and monodromy

Will Donovan

Michael Wemyss

2021 Dec 14
--The Positive Mass Theorem with Arbitrary Ends

Martin Lesourd

Ryan Unger

Shing-Tung Yau

2021 Dec 14
--On the embedding complexity of Liouville manifolds

Sheel Ganatra

Kyler Bryce Siegel

2021 Dec 14
--Bitangents to the quartic surface and infinitesimal deformations

Pietro Corvaja

Francesco Zucconi

2022 Jan 12
--The non-Abelian X-ray transform on surfaces

Gabriel Pedro Paternain

Mikko J. Salo

2022 Jan 21
--Gauge theory for string algebroids

Mario Garcia-Fernandez

Roberto Rubio

Carl Tipler

2022 Jan 21
--The Nielsen realization problem for K3 surfaces

Benson Farb

Eduard J. N. Looijenga

2022 Mar 9
--Generalized Donaldson-Thomas Invariants via Kirwan Blowups

Young-Hoon Kiem

Jun Li

Michail Savvas

2022 Mar 11
--Special Lagrangians, Lagrangian mean curvature flow and the Gibbons-Hawking ansatz

Jason Dean Lotay

Goncalo Oliveira

2022 Mar 31
--Diameter bounds for degenerating Calabi-Yau metrics

Yang Li

Valentino Tosatti

2022 Mar 31
--Volume Above Distance Below

Brian Daniel Allen

Raquel del Carmen Perales Aguilar

Christina Sormani

2022 Mar 31
--The geometry of domains with negatively pinched Kähler metrics

Filippo Bracci

Hervé Gaussier

Andrew M. Zimmer

2022 Mar 31
--Dirac geometry and integration of Poisson homogeneous spaces

Henrique Bursztyn

David Iglesias Ponte

Jiang-Hua Lu

2022 Mar 31
--Gluing localized mirror functors

Cheol-Hyun Cho

Hansol Hong

Siu-Cheong Lau

2022 Apr 21
--On minimal varieties growing from quasismooth weighted hypersurfaces

Meng Chen

Chen Jiang

Binru Li

2022 Apr 22
--Transverse Measures and Best Lipschitz and Least Gradient Maps

Georgios Dimitrios Daskalopoulos

Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck

2022 Apr 27
--From Seiberg-Witten to Gromov: MCE and Singular Symplectic Forms

Yi-Jen Lee

2022 May 7
--Large area-constrained Willmore surfaces in asymptotically Schwarzschild $3$-manifolds

Michael Eichmair

Thomas Koerber

2022 Jun 9
--A sharp centro-affine isospectral inequality of Szeg\"{o}--Weinberger type and the $L^p$-Minkowski problem

Emanuel Milman

2022 Jun 13
--On the min-max width of unit volume three-spheres

Lucas Coelho Ambrozio

Rafael Montezuma

2022 Jun 14
--Min-max minimal surfaces, horizons and electrostatic systems

Vanderson Lima

Cícero Tiarlos Nogueira Cruz

Alexandre de Sousa

2022 Jun 15
--The Carter tensor and the physical-space analysis in perturbations of Kerr-Newman spacetime

Elena Giorgi

2022 Jun 19
--Mirror symmetry for double cover Calabi--Yau varieties

Shinobu Hosono

Tsung-Ju Lee

Bong Hor Lian

Shing-Tung Yau

2022 Jun 20
--On the essential spectrum of differential operators over geometrically finite orbifolds

Hans Werner Ballmann

Panagiotis Polymerakis

2022 Jun 23
--Uniqueness of ancient solutions to Gauss curvature flow asymptotic to a cylinder

Beomjun Choi

Kyeongsu Choi

Panagiota Daskalopoulos

2022 Jul 13
--Open r-spin theory II: The analogue of Witten's conjecture for r-spin disks

Alexandr Yu. Buryak

Emily Clader

Ran Jacob Tessler

2022 Jul 23
--Contractible 3-manifold and Positive scalar curvature (I)

Jian Wang

2022 Aug 5
--The affine shape of a figure 8 under the curve shortening flow

Richard Evan Schwartz

Matei Paul Coiculescu

2022 Aug 22
--Sharp existence, symmetry and asymptotics results for the singular SU(3) Toda system with critical parameters

Zhijie Chen

Chang-Shou Lin

2022 Aug 23
--On the Transcendence of Period Images

David Urbanik

2022 Aug 26
--A Funk perspective on billiards, projective geometry and Mahler volume.

Dmitry Faifman

2022 Sep 3
--The Convergence of Discrete Uniformizations for Closed Surfaces

Tianqi Wu

Xiaoping Zhu

2022 Sep 16
--Rigidity of the round cylinders in Ricci shrinkers

Yu Li

Bing Wang

2022 Sep 20
--An area bound for surfaces in Riemannian manifolds

Victor Bangert

Ernst Christoph Kuwert

2022 Oct 1
--Balanced algebraic unknotting, linking forms, and surfaces in three- and four-space

Peter Feller

Lukas Lewark

2022 Oct 7
--Instantons on Multi-Taub-NUT Spaces II: Bow Construction

Sergey Cherkis

Mark A. Stern

Andres Larrain-Hubach

2022 Oct 21
--Hyperbolic groups containing subgroups of type F_3 not F_4

Claudio Llosa Isenrich

Bruno Martelli

Pierre Py

2022 Nov 9
--Smooth Fock bundles, and spinor bundles on loop space

Peter Kristel

Konrad Waldorf

2022 Nov 27
--Curvature bounds of subsets in dimension two

Alexander Lytchak

Stephan Stadler

2023 Feb 2
--Topological aspects of Z/2Z eigenfunctions for the Laplacian on S^2

Clifford Henry Taubes

Yingying Wu

2023 Feb 5
--Holomorphic foliation associated with a semi-positive class of numerical dimension one

Takayuki Koike

2023 Feb 5
--Surgery and Excision for Furuta-Ohta Invariants on Homology S1×S3

Langte Ma

2023 Mar 5
--A deformed Hermitian Yang-Mills flow

Jixiang Fu

Shing-Tung Yau

Dekai Zhang

2023 Mar 5
--RC-positivity and the generalized energy density I: Rigidity

Xiaokui Yang

2023 Apr 5
--Deformations of Kähler manifolds to normal bundles and restricted volumes of big classes

David Witt Nyström

2023 Apr 17
--Green's functions and complex Monge-Ampere equations

Bin Guo

Duong Hong Phong

Jacob Sturm

2023 May 13
--Intersection de Rham complexes in positive characteristic

Mao Sheng

Zebao Zhang

2023 Jun 1
--The Klein quartic maximizes the multiplicity of the first positive eigenvalue of the Laplacian

Maxime Fortier Bourque

Bram Petri

2023 Jun 19
--Infinitesimal Zariski closures of positive representations

Andrés Sambarino

2023 Jun 27
--Rigidity of wonderful group compactifications under Fano deformations

Baohua Fu

Qifeng Li

2023 Jul 6
--Higher Lelong numbers versus full Monge-Ampere mass

Duc-Viet Vu

Duc Thai Do

2023 Jul 18
--Ricci limit spaces are semi-locally simply connected

Jikang Wang

2023 Sep 3
--The Minkowski problem in the sphere

Qiang Guang

Qi-Rui Li

Xu-Jia Wang

2023 Sep 14
--Boundedness of elliptic Calabi--Yau varieties with a rational section

Caucher Birkar

Gabriele Di Cerbo

Roberto Svaldi

2023 Sep 26
--Foliations of asymptotically flat manifolds by stable constant mean curvature spheres

Michael Eichmair

Thomas Koerber

2023 Sep 26
--Harmonic map flow for almost-holomorphic maps

Alex S. Waldron

Chong Song

2023 Sep 26
--Perverse sheaves on varieties with large fundamental groups

Donu V. B. Arapura

Botong Wang

2023 Sep 26
--Complex hyperbolic Kleinian groups of large critical exponents

Beibei Liu

Subhadip Dey

2023 Sep 26
--Semiclassical Ohsawa-Takegoshi extension theorem and asymptotics of the orthogonal Bergman kernel

Siarhei Finski

2023 Oct 17
--Higgs bundles and SYZ geometry

Sebastian Heller

Charles Ouyang

Franz Pedit

2023 Oct 17
--Dual curvature measures for log-concave functions

Yong Huang

Jiaqian Liu

Dongmeng Xi

Yiming Zhao

2023 Oct 17
--Conformal Geodesics Cannot Spiral

Peter Cameron

Maciej Dunajski

Paul Tod

2023 Oct 30
--SRB measures for Anosov actions

Colin Guillarmou

Yannick Guedes Bonthonneau

Tobias Weich

2023 Nov 19
--A proof of Gromov's cube inequality on scalar curvature

Jinmin Wang

Zhizhang Xie

Guoliang Yu

2023 Dec 13
--Gravitational Instantons and special geometry

Lars Åke Andersson

Steffen Aksteiner

2023 Dec 13
--Multiplicities of irreducible theta divisors

Victor Lozovanu

2023 Dec 15
--Mean Curvature Flows of Two-Convex Lagrangians

Chung-Jun Tsai

Mao-Pei Tsui

Mu-Tao Wang

2023 Dec 15
--Index one minimal surfaces in positively curved 3-manifolds

Antonio Ros

2024 Jan 1
--Stability of isoperimetric inequalities for Laplace eigenvalues on surfaces

Mikhail A. Karpukhin

Mickaël Nahon

Iosif Polterovich

Daniel L. Stern

2024 Jan 1
--Min-max minimal hypersurfaces with higher multiplicity

Zhichao Wang

Xin Zhou

2024 Jan 1
--The Structure of Stable Codimension One Integral Varifolds near Classical Cones of Density 5/2

Paul Minter

2024 Jan 1
--Morse-Novikov numbers, tunnel numbers, and handle numbers of sutured manifolds

Kenneth Lee Baker

Fabiola Manjarrez-Gutiérrez

2024 Jan 1
--Infinitely many families of Sasaki-Einstein metrics on spheres

Yuchen Liu

Taro Sano

Luca Tasin

2024 Jan 17
--Generic injectivity of the X-ray transform

Mihajlo Cekić

Thibault Lefeuvre

2024 Jan 22
--On infinite staircases in toric symplectic four-manifolds

Daniel Anthony Cristofaro-Gardiner

Tara Suzanne Holm

Alessia Mandini

Ana Rita Pires

2024 Jan 23
--The Open Crepant Transformation Conjecture for toric Calabi-Yau 3-orbifolds

Song Yu

2024 Feb 11
--Minimal Surface Entropy and Average Area Ratio

Ben Lowe

André Arroja Neves

2024 Feb 11
--Contractible flow of stability conditions via global dimension function

Yu Qiu

2024 Feb 12
--Augmentations, annuli, and Alexander polynomials

Tobias Ekholm

Luís Diogo

2024 Mar 6
--Cone theorem and Mori hyperbolicity

Osamu Fujino

2024 Mar 6
--Affine fractional Sobolev and isoperimetric inequalities

Monika Ludwig

Julián Eduardo Haddad

2024 Mar 6
--Scattering diagrams from holomorphic discs in log Calabi-Yau surfaces

Yu-Shen Lin

Sam Bardwell-Evans

Man-Wai Cheung

Hansol Hong

2024 Mar 26
--The Log Minimal Model Program for Kahler 3-Folds

Omprokash Das

Christopher Derek Hacon

2024 Mar 26
--A new varifold solution concept for mean curvature flow: Convergence of the Allen-Cahn equation and weak-strong uniqueness

Sebastian Hensel

Tim Laux

2024 Mar 27
--On the Betti Numbers of Finite Volume Real- and Complex-Hyperbolic Manifolds

Luca Fabrizio Di Cerbo

Mark A. Stern

2024 Apr 6