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Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

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General Information

Submit your paper for consideration to:

General point of contact: Erjuan Fu, .

MSC Codes. Your submission should include relevant Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) codes.

Authoring Template/Instructions: Click here to download.

Consent-to-Publish: Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the author(s) must sign and submit a consent-to-publish agreement to International Press.

Copyright: Author has the option to retain copyright of his or her paper.

Submission-to-acceptance time in months, median: 24

Paper format(s) of initial submission. Required: Adobe PDF file.

Paper format(s) upon acceptance. Required: LaTeX, author-compiled Adobe PDF as reference. Preferred: LaTeX 2e, using the specified LaTeX 2e authoring template.

About Submissions

Papers should be written in English, French, German, or Italian. Any paper written in a language other than English should include an abstract written in English.

Use of footnotes, except perhaps as acknowledgements of assistance or financial support on the first page, should be avoided as much as possible.

The list of references must be in alphabetical/chronological order; abbreviations of names of journals and references to books should follow the standard format established by the AMS Mathematical Reviews.

Preferred figure image formats include eps, tiff, and jpg. A figure’s image should be cropped to a rectangle as close as possible to the figure itself, i.e., without extraneous white margins. A figure should be no wider than 27 picas (4.5 inches), with line weights of at least 1 point to ensure readability. The typesetter requests that authors avoid using psfrag, pstricks, or other LaTeX packages that generate PostScript directly to render figures.

When designing figures, keep in mind that in the printed journal, any colors appearing in an article will be rendered as shades of gray. (The journal’s online articles are published in full color.)

Selection and Acceptance

The final paper that you submit, after its acceptance, for publication must use the Journal of Differential Geometry Authoring Template, which consists of the Latex class file ip-journal.cls. In using this class file, please do not modify any layout parameters (such as text width, font size, etc.) therein.

Authors receive only one set of proofs for corrections and will be responsible for the expense of making excessive alterations of the original manuscripts during the proofreading.