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Fan Chung (University of California at San Diego)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--3-degenerate induced subgraph of a planar graph

Yangyan Gu

Hal Kierstead

Sang-il Oum

Hao Qi

Xuding Zhu

2021 Jan 3
--Completing partial Latin squares with two filled rows and three filled columns

Carl Johan Casselgren

Herman Göransson

2022 Mar 4
--Maximizing the Edelman-Greene statistic

Gidon Orelowitz

2022 Mar 5
--Semi-random process without replacement

Shoni Gilboa

Dan Hefetz

2022 Mar 7
--Products of reflections in smooth Bruhat intervals

Christian Gaetz

Ram Goel

2022 Apr 2
--Approximation of Frankl's conjecture in the complement family

Yasuo Nishii

2022 Apr 4
--On a conjecture of Lin and Kim concerning a refinement of Schroder numbers

Toufik Mansour

Mark Shattuck

2022 Apr 11
--A Cantor-Bernstein theorem for infinite matroids

Attila Joó

2022 May 7
--Symmetric group action of the birational R-matrix

Sunita Chepuri

Feiyang Lin

2022 Jun 11
--Lower Bound on the Size-Ramsey Number of Tight Paths

Christian Winter

2022 Jun 19
--On Mallows' variation of the Stern-Brocot tree

Takanori Hida

2022 Jun 21
--Avoiding Monochromatic Solutions to 3-term Equations

Kevin Costello

Gabriel Elvin

2022 Jul 4
--Colorful Graph Associahedra

Satyan Devadoss

Mia Smith

2022 Jul 14
--Hessian Chain Bracketing

Shubhaditya Burela

Uwe Naumann

2023 Feb 15
--On a barrier height problem for RNA branching

Christine Heitsch

Chi Huynh

Greg Johnston

2023 Feb 27
--Seven open problems in applied combinatorics

Sinan Aksoy

Ryan Bennink

Yuzhou Chen

Jose Frias

Yulia Gel

Bill Kay

Uwe Naumann

Carlos Ortiz Marrero

Anthony Petyuk

Sandip Roy

Ignacio Segovia-Dominguez

Nate Veldt

Stephen Young

2023 Mar 19
--Point sets and functions inducing tangles of set separations

Reinhard Diestel

Christian Elbracht

Raphael Jacobs

2023 Apr 10
--A determinant for cyclically consecutive 123-avoiding permutations

Richard Ehrenborg

2023 May 1
--Statistics on clusters and r-Stirling permutations

Sergi Elizalde

Justin Troyka

Yan Zhuang

2023 May 10
--One-element commutation classes

Bridget Tenner

2023 May 17
--On the Limiting Vacillating Tableaux for Integer Sequences

Zhanar Berikkyzy

Pamela Harris

Anna Pun

Catherine Yan

Chenchen Zhao

2023 Jun 5
--A characterization of graphs with at most four boundary vertices

Nick Chiem

William Dudarov

Chris Lee

Sean Lee

Kevin Liu

2023 Jun 5
--Some combinatorial results on Ducci matrix sequence representation

Takanori Hida

2023 Jun 8
--Corrigendum to ``Unions of 1-factors in $r$-graphs and overfull graphs'' [Journal of Combinatorics 11(3) (2020) 457-473]

Ligang Jin

Eckhard Steffen

2023 Jul 8
--Odd Colorings of Sparse Graphs

Daniel Cranston

2023 Jul 28
--On Polynomial Representations of the DP Color Function: Theta Graphs and Their Generalizations

Hemanshu Kaul

Jeffrey Mudrock

2023 Aug 3
--Toggling, rowmotion, and homomesy on interval-closed sets

Jennifer Elder

Nadia Lafrenière

Erin McNicholas

Jessica Striker

Amanda Welch

2023 Aug 27
--Inequality of a class of near-ribbon skew Schur $Q$-functions

Maria Gillespie

Kyle Salois

2023 Sep 18
--Reflexive polytopes and discrete polymatroids

Jürgen Herzog

Takayuki Hibi

2023 Sep 24
--On a new invariant for finite groups

Chris Cornwell

Megan Doring

Lindsey-Kay Lauderdale

Ethan Morgan

Nicholas Storr

2023 Oct 9