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Fan Chung (University of California at San Diego)

Ronald Graham (University of California at San Diego)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Partite Turán-densities for complete $r-$uniform hypergraphs on $r+1$ vertices

Klas Markström

Carsten Thomassen

2020 May 6
--Maximum H-free subgraphs

Dhruv Mubayi

Sayan Mukherjee

2020 May 6
--Avoiding long Berge cycles II, exact bounds for all $n$

Alexandr Kostochka

Ruth Luo

2020 May 7
--Some conjectures on the Schur expansion of Jack polynomials

Per Alexandersson

James Haglund

George Wang

2020 May 7
--Dominant tournament families

Raphael Yuster

2020 Jun 14
--The Slow-coloring Game on Sparse Graphs: k-Degenerate, Planar, and Outerplanar

Grzegorz Gutowski

Tomasz Krawczyk

Krzysztof Maziarz

Douglas West

Michal Zajac

Xuding Zhu

2020 Jun 26
--Some combinatorial results on smooth permutations

Shoni Gilboa

Erez Lapid

2020 Jul 7
--Restricted Color $n$-color Compositions

Brian Hopkins

Hua Wang

2020 Jul 13
--A 2-regular graph has a prime labeling if and only if it has at most one odd component

Justin Schroeder

2020 Jul 22
--On typical triangulations of a convex $n$-gon

Reza Rastegar

2020 Aug 26
--On sums and permutations

Jakub Konieczny

2020 Aug 28
--Criticality, The List Color Function, and List Coloring the Cartesian Product of Graphs

Hemanshu Kaul

Jeffrey Mudrock

2020 Sep 11
--Cops, Robbers, and Burning Bridges

William Kinnersley

Eric Peterson

2020 Sep 11
--Long rainbow arithmetic progressions

Jozsef Balogh

William Linz

Leticia Mattos

2020 Sep 15
--Word-representability of split graphs

Sergey Kitaev

Yangjing Long

Jun Ma

Hehui Wu

2020 Sep 15
--Random Graphs Induced by Catalan Pairs

Daniel Kroes

Sam Spiro

2020 Sep 15
--Skew Schur Function Representation of Directed Paths in a Slit

Anum Khalid

Thomas Prellberg

2020 Sep 27
--On even rainbow or nontriangular directed cycles

Andrzej Czygrinow

Theodore Molla

Brendan Nagle

Roy Oursler

2020 Oct 9
--Cliques with many colors in triple systems

Dhruv Mubayi

Andrew Suk

2020 Nov 2
--Pak-Stanley labeling for Central Graphical Arrangements

Mikhail Mazin

Joshua Miller

2020 Nov 17
--3-degenerate induced subgraph of a planar graph

Yangyan Gu

Hal Kierstead

Sang-il Oum

Hao Qi

Xuding Zhu

2021 Jan 3
--Coloring hypergraphs of low connectivity

Thomas Schweser

Michael Stiebitz

Bjarne Toft

2021 Jan 8
--Supercards, Sunshines and Caterpillar Graphs

Paul Brown

Trevor Fenner

2021 Jan 8
--The Weighted Spectrum of the Universal Cover and an Alon-Boppana Result for the Normalized Laplacian

Stephen Young

2021 Jan 9
--Optimizing the trade-off between number of cops and capture time in Cops and Robbers

Anthony Bonato

Jane Breen

Boris Brimkov

Joshua Carlson

Sean English

Jesse Geneson

Leslie Hogben

K. E. Perry

Carolyn Reinhart

2021 Jan 9
--Tableau Stabilization and Lattice Paths

Connor Ahlbach

Jacob David

Suho Oh

Christopher Wu

2021 Jan 19
--Interval structures in the Bruhat and weak orders

Bridget Tenner

2021 Jan 31
--Factorizations of $k$-nonnegative matrices

Sunita Chepuri

Neeraja Kulkarni

Joe Suk

Ewin Tang

2021 Feb 10
--Obtaining trees of tangles from tangle-tree duality

Christian Elbracht

Jakob Kneip

Maximilian Teegen

2021 Feb 27
--On the asymptotic behavior of the $q$-analog of Kostant's partition function

Pamela Harris

Margaret Rahmoeller

Lisa Schneider

2021 Mar 3
--A Murnaghan Nakayama rule for Schur functions in superspace

Miles Jones

2021 Mar 15
--Eulerian Central Limit Theorems and Carlitz identities in positive elements of Classical Weyl Groups

Hiranya Dey

Krishnan Sivasubramanian

2021 Mar 22
--Threshold Progressions in a Variety of Covering and Packing Contexts

Anant Godbole

Thomas Grubb

Kyutae Han

Bill Kay

2021 Mar 29