Journal of Combinatorics

Volume 2 (2011)

Number 2


The Rees product of posets

Patricia Muldoon Brown and Margaret A. Readdy

pp. 165-191

The case $k=2$ of the Shuffle Conjecture

Adriano Garsia, Angela Hicks, and Andrew Stout

pp. 193-229

On the inverse image of pattern classes under bubble sort

Michael H. Albert, M.D. Atkinson, Mathilde Bouvel, Anders Claesson, and Mark Dukes

pp. 231-243

A new combinatorial interpretation of a $q$-analogue of the Lah numbers

Jim Lindsay, Toufik Mansour, and Mark Shattuck

pp. 245-264

Lattices of paths: Representation theory and valuations

Luca Ferrari and Emanuele Munarini

pp. 265-291

Local rainbow colorings

Noga Alon and Ido Ben-Eliezer

pp. 293-304