Journal of Combinatorics

Volume 3 (2012)

Number 1


Apollonian circle packings of the half-plane

Michael Ching and John R. Doyle

pp. 1-48

Tree-minimal graphs are almost regular

D. Dellamonica, P. Haxell, T. Luczak, D. Mubayi, B. Nagle, Y. Person, V. Rödl, and Mathias Schacht

pp. 49-62

Multicolor on-line degree Ramsey numbers of trees

William B. Kinnersley and Douglas B. West

pp. 91-100

Chipping away at the edges: How long does it take?

O-Yeat Chan and Pawel Pralat

pp. 101-121

Modular decomposition and the reconstruction conjecture

Robert Brignall, Nicholas Georgiou, and Robert J. Waters

pp. 123-134