Journal of Combinatorics

Volume 11 (2020)

Number 3


On enumerators of Smirnov words by descents and cyclic descents

Brittney Ellzey and Michelle L. Wachs

pp. 413-456

Unions of $1$-factors in $r$-graphs and overfull graphs

Ligang Jin and Eckhard Steffen

pp. 457-473

The probability of positivity in symmetric and quasisymmetric functions

Rebecca Patrias and Stephanie van Willigenburg

pp. 475-493

Classification of lattice polytopes with small volumes

Takayuki Hibi and Akiyoshi Tsuchiya

pp. 495-509

Descents in $t$-sorted permutations

Colin Defant

pp. 511-526

Fertility numbers

Colin Defant

pp. 527-548

Statistics on ordered partitions of sets

Einar Steingrímsson

pp. 557-574