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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Fredholm notions in scale calculus and Hamiltonian Floer theory

Katrin Wehrheim

2019 Apr 30
--On a quasimorphism of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms and quantization

Laurent Charles

2023 Apr 5
--Classical KMS Functionals and Phase Transitions in Poisson Geometry

Nicolò Drago

Stefan Waldmann

2023 Apr 5
--Lie groups of Poisson diffeomorphisms

Wilmer Smilde

2023 Apr 5
--Constructing the relative Fukaya category

Nicholas James Sheridan

Timothy Perutz

2023 Apr 5
--Embedded contact homology of prequantization bundles

Joanna Nelson

Morgan Weiler

2023 May 13
--Spectral convergence in geometric quantization --- the case of non-singular Langrangian fibrations

Kota Hattori

Mayuko Yamashita

2023 May 13
--Ricci curvature, the convexity of volume and minimal Lagrangian submanifolds

Tommaso Pacini

2023 May 13
--Contact surgery numbers

John Boyd Etnyre

Marc Kegel

Sinem Çelik Onaran

2023 May 13
--Legendrian Torus and Cable Links

Jennifer Dalton

John Boyd Etnyre

Lisa Traynor

2023 Jun 21
--Unobstructed embeddings in Hirzebruch surfaces

Nicole Magill

2023 Jun 21
--Contactomorphisms of the sphere without translated points

Dylan J Cant

2023 Jun 21
--Multiplicative Gray Stability

Camilo Angulo

María Amelia Salazar

Daniele Sepe

2023 Jun 21
--Conformal Symplectic structures, Foliations and Contact Structures

Mélanie Bertelson

Gaël Meigniez

2023 Jul 29
--Equivariant calculus on mu-character and muK-stability of polarized schemes

Eiji Inoue

2023 Jul 29
--Tate Homology and Powered Flybys

Kevin Ruck

2023 Jul 29
--Global Darboux coordinates for complete Lagrangian fibrations and an application to the deformation space of $\mathbb{R}\mathbb{P}^2$-structures in genus one

Nicholas Rungi

Andrea Tamburelli

2023 Jul 29
--Multisections with divides and Weinstein 4-manifolds

Gabriel Islambouli

Laura P. Starkston

2023 Jul 29
--Capacities from the Chiu-Tamarkin complex

Bingyu Zhang

2023 Sep 11
--Fixed point Floer cohomology of disjoint Dehn twists on a w+ - monotone manifold with rational symplectic form

Riccardo Pedrotti

2023 Sep 11
--Obstructions to reversing Lagrangian surgery in Lagrangian fillings

Orsola A. Capovilla-Searle

Noémie Legout

Maÿlis Limouzineau

Emmy Murphy

Yu Pan

Lisa Traynor

2023 Sep 11
--On the topology of Lagrangian fillings of the standard Legendrian sphere

Joontae Kim

Myeonggi Kwon

2023 Sep 11
--Semi-stability and local wall-crossing for hermitian Yang-Mills connections

Andrew James Clarke

Carl Tipler

2023 Sep 11
--An infinite-rank summand from iterated Mazur pattern satellite knots

Wenzhao Chen

2023 Dec 6
--On the transverse invariant and braid dynamics

Lev Tovstopyat-Nelip

2023 Dec 6
--Singular Lagrangian torus fibrations on the smoothing of algebraic cones

Santiago Achig Andrango

2023 Dec 6
--Disk potential functions for polygon spaces

Yoosik Kim

Siu-Cheong Lau

Xiao Zheng

2023 Dec 6
--Hamiltonian Lie algebroids over Poisson manifolds

Christian Blohmann

Stefano Ronchi

Alan David Weinstein

2023 Dec 6
--Isomorphisms of Symplectic Torus Quotients

Hans-Christian Herbig

Gerald Walter Schwarz

Christopher W. Seaton

2024 Feb 23
--Rational cuspidal curves and symplectic fillings

Marco Golla

Laura P. Starkston

2024 Mar 2
--Action-angle coordinates for surface group representations in genus zero

Arnaud Maret

2024 Mar 2
--Multiplicative structures on cones and duality

Kai Cieliebak

Alexandru Oancea

2024 Mar 2
--PL approximations of symplectic manifolds

Mélanie Bertelson

Julie Distexhe

2024 Mar 6
--A note on the Lagrangian cobordism group of Weinstein sectors

Valentin Bosshard

2024 Mar 12
--The Clifford Torus Packs Most Del Pezzo Surfaces

Karim Boustany

2024 Mar 17
--Heegaard splittings and the tight Giroux Correspondence

Joan Elizabeth Licata

Vera Vértesi

2024 Mar 25
--A bordered HF-minus algebra for the torus

Robert Lipshitz

Peter Steven Ozsváth

Dylan Paul Thurston

2024 Apr 9
--On the Lagrangian capacity of convex or concave toric domains

Miguel Barbosa Pereira

2024 Apr 9
--Coadjoint orbits of area-preserving diffeomorphisms of non-orientable surfaces

Anton Izosimov

Boris A. Khesin

Ilia Kirillov

2024 Apr 9
--Exotic tight contact structures on Rn

François-Simon Fauteux-Chapleau

Joseph Albert Helfer

2024 Apr 9