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Simon Donaldson (Imperial College, London)

Victor Guillemin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Tomasz Mrowka (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
19.2Polyfold regularization of cnstrained moduli spaces

Benjamin Filippenko

2020 Sep 30
19.2The shift map on Floer trajectory spaces

Urs Frauenfelder

Joa Weber

2020 Sep 30
19.2On the dynamics of some vector fields tangent to non-integrable plane fields

Nicola Pia

2020 Sep 30
19.2ECH capacities, Ehrhart theory, and toric varieties

Ben Wormleighton

2020 Sep 30
19.2Rel–$C^\infty$ structures on Gromov–Witten moduli spaces

Mohan Swaminathan

2020 Sep 30
19.3Picard groups of $b$-symplectic manifolds

Joel Villatoro

2020 Nov 16
19.3An asymptotic behavior of Vianna's exotic Lagrangian tori $T_{\lbrace a,b,c \rbrace}$ in $CP^2$ as $\operatorname{max}{\lbrace a,b,c \rbrace}$ to $\infty$

Renato Vianna

Weonmo Lee

Yong-Geun Oh

2020 Nov 16
19.3Equidistributed periodic orbits of $C^\infty$-generic three-dimensional Reeb flows

Kei Irie

2020 Nov 16
19.3Functorial LCH for immersed Lagrangian cobordisms

Yu Pan

Dan Rutherford

2020 Nov 16
19.3Real and complex hedgehogs of $Cn+1$, their symplectic area, curvature and evolutes

Yves Martinez-Maure

2020 Nov 16
19.3Formally integrable complex structures on higher dimensional knot spaces

Domenico Fiorenza

Hông Vân Lê

2020 Nov 16
19.4Local Poisson groupoids over mixed product Poisson structures and generalised double Bruhat cells

Victor Mouquin

2020 Dec 31
19.4Lagrangian torus invariants using $ECH = SWF$

Chris Gerig

2020 Dec 31
19.4Fiber Floer cohomology and conormal stops

Johan Asplund

2020 Dec 31
19.4Liouville hypersurfaces and connect sum cobordisms

Russell Avdek

2020 Dec 31
19.5Squared Dehn twists and deformed symplectic invariants

Kyler Siegel

2021 Feb 24
19.5Distributions associated to almost complex structures on symplectic manifolds

Michel Cahen

Maxime Gérard

Simone Gutt

Manar Hayyani

2021 Feb 24
19.5Generalized Chain Surgeries and Applications

Anar Akhmedov

Çağrı Karakurt

Sümeyra Sakallı

2021 Feb 24
19.5Non-degeneracy of the Hofer norm for Poisson structures

Dušan Joksimović

Ioan Mărcuţ

2021 Feb 24
19.5The $mathbb{Z}/pmathbb{Z}$-equivariant product-isomorphism in fixed point Floer cohomology

Egor Shelukhin

Jingyu Zhao

2021 Feb 24
19.6An unoriented skein relation via bordered-sutured Floer homology

David Shea Vela-Vick

C.-M. Michael Wong

2021 Apr 17
19.6Knot homologies in monopole and instanton theories via sutures

Zhenkun Li

2021 Apr 17
19.6Translated points for contactomorphisms of prequantization spaces over monotone symplectic toric manifolds

Brian Tervil

2021 Apr 17
19.6Asymptotic expansion of generalized Witten integrals for Hamiltonian circle actions

Benjamin Küster

Pablo Ramacher

2021 Apr 17
--Fredholm notions in scale calculus and Hamiltonian Floer theory

Katrin Wehrheim

2019 Apr 30