Journal of Symplectic Geometry

Volume 17 (2019)

Number 1

Superheavy Lagrangian immersions in surfaces

Pages: 239 – 249



Morimichi Kawasaki (Center for Geometry and Physics, Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Pohang, South Korea)


We show that the union of some circles in a closed Riemannian surface with positive genus is superheavy in the sense of Entov–Polterovich. By a result of Entov and Polterovich, this implies that the product of this union and the Clifford torus of $\mathbb{C}P^n$ with the Fubini–Study symplectic form cannot be displaced by any symplectomorphisms.

Received 6 May 2016

Accepted 14 June 2018

Published 23 May 2019