Methods and Applications of Analysis

Volume 25 (2018)

Number 4

In Memory of Professor John N. Mather: Part 2 of 3

Guest Editors: Sen Hu, University of Science and Technology, China; Stanisław Janeczko, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; Stephen S.-T. Yau, Tsinghua University, China; and Huaiqing Zuo, Tsinghua University, China.

Gamma structures on surfaces

Pages: 363 – 370



Solomon Jekel (Department of Mathematics, Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts, U.S.A.)


Presented here is a version of my talk at the Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Conference on Singularities in memory of John Mather. This article is partly expository. I will briefly recount the rise of the modern theory of foliations, describe John Mather’s contributions and then allow the discussion to lead to a report of work, old and new, on Real Analytic Gamma Structures.


classifying spaces, homology, real analytic

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification


Received 16 May 2018

Accepted 22 August 2019

Published 1 November 2019