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Duong H. Phong (Columbia University)

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--Generalized Unsager algebras and Grothendieck’s $dessins d’enfants</i>

Vladimir Chernousov

Philippe Gille

Arturo Pianzola

2014 Oct 8
--The projectors of the decomposition theorem are motivated

Mark Andrea A. de Cataldo

Luca Migliorini

2015 Mar 11
--An $L^4$ estimate for a singular entangled quadrilinear form

Polona Durcik

2015 Apr 25
--Collapsing of Kähler–Einstein metrics

Yuguang Zhang

2015 Aug 31
--Two dimensional Monge–Ampère equations under incomplete Holder assumptions

Qi-Rui Li

2016 May 10
--Quotients of adic spaces by finite groups

David Hansen

2016 Oct 24
--A uniform random pointwise ergodic theorem

Benjamin Krause

Pavel Zorin-Kranich

2018 Jan 30
--On Fano manifolds of Picard number one with big automorphism groups

Baohua Fu

Wenhao Ou

Junyi Xie

2019 Mar 22
--Orientation data for coherent sheaves on the local projective plane

Yun Shi

2019 Oct 7
--Lagrangian time-analyticity for the Euler equations in a Sobolev domain

Juhi Jang

Igor Kukavica

Linfeng Li

2020 Apr 25
--The characteristic variety for Feigin and Odesskii's elliptic algebras

Alexandru Chirvăsitu

Ryo Kanda

Sholto Paul Smith

2020 Sep 30
--Embedding closed totally geodesic surfaces in Bianchi orbifolds

Junehyuk Jung

Alan W. Reid

2021 Feb 12
--Three lens space summands from the Poincaré homology sphere

Jacob Caudell

2021 Oct 4
--$\mod p$ Bernstein centres of p-adic groups

Andrea Dotto

2021 Nov 1
--Classification of tight contact structures on a solid torus

Zhenkun Li

Jessica Jihang Zhang

2021 Nov 8
--The nonabelian Hodge correspondence for balanced Hermitian metrics of Hodge-Riemann type

Xuemiao Chen

Richard Alan Wentworth

2022 Mar 21
--Vanishing theorems on compact Chern-Kähler-like Hermitian manifolds

Ping Li

2022 Apr 26
--Deformed Hermitian--Yang--Mills Equation on Compact Hermitian Manifolds

Chao-Ming Lin

2022 Jun 4
--Sharp Local Well-posedness of the Two-dimensional Periodic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with a Quadratic Nonlinearity $|u|^2$

Ruoyuan Liu

Tadahiro Choonghong Oh

2022 Aug 4
--The Calderon Problem for the Fractional Dirac Operator

Hadrian Quan

Gunther Alberto Uhlmann

2022 Sep 6
--Zelevinsky Duality on Basic Local Shimura Varieties

Linus Hamann

2022 Oct 23
--Endomorphisms of quasi-projective varieties -- towards Zariski dense orbit and Kawaguchi-Silverman conjectures

Jia Jia

Takahiro Shibata

Junyi Xie

De-Qi Zhang

2022 Oct 23
--Heegner cycles in Griffiths groups of Kuga-Sato varieties

David Ter-Borch Gram Lilienfeldt

2022 Nov 9
--Small eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators over geometrically finite manifolds

Hans Werner Ballmann

Panagiotis Polymerakis

2022 Nov 9
--Multivariable de Rham representations, Sen theory and p-adic differential equations

Olivier Brinon

Bruno Rocco Chiarellotto

Nicola Mazzari

2022 Nov 9
--Canonical basis of $q$-Brauer algebras and $\imath$Schur dualities

Weideng Cui

Yaolong Shen

2022 Nov 16
--Kink dynamics under odd perturbations for (1+1)-scalar field models with one internal mode

Michał Antoni Kowalczyk

Yvan Martel

2022 Nov 18
--Rigidity of complete ancient solutions to the mean curvature flow

Hongbing Qiu

2022 Nov 18
--Holomorphic bundles on complex manifolds with boundary

Andrei Dumitru Teleman

2022 Dec 11
--On characteristic polynomials of certain Iwasawa modules

Wan Lee

Myungjun Yu

2022 Dec 11
--Whittaker functionals and contragredient in characteristic not p

Nadir Matringe

Justin Trias

2022 Dec 11
--Counting Twisted Tame Fourier-Mukai Partners of an Ordinary K3 Surface

Tanya Kaushal Srivastava

Sofia Tirabassi

2022 Dec 17
--Curvature estimates for hypersurfaces of constant curvature in hyperbolic space

Bin Wang

2022 Dec 17
--Stability of the Positive Mass Theorem Under Ricci Curvature Lower Bounds

Demetre P. Kazaras

Marcus A. Khuri

Dan Archibald Lee

2023 Jan 24
--Large rank jumps on elliptic surfaces and the Hilbert property

Cecília Salgado Guimarães da Silva

Renato Dias Costa

2023 Jan 30
--Conics on Gushel-Mukai fourfolds, EPW sextics and Bridgeland moduli spaces

Hanfei Guo

Zhiyu Liu

Shizhuo Zhang

2023 Feb 20
--Higher Yoneda product structures and Iwasawa algebras modulo p

Carl Wang-Erickson

2023 Feb 27
--Regularization of m-subharmonic functions and Hölder continuity

Jingrui Cheng

Yulun Xu

2023 Feb 27
--Examples of Hölder-stable Phase Retrieval

Benjamin Pineau

Mitchell A. Taylor

Francis Michael Christ

2023 Mar 12
--Topological Abel-Jacobi map and mixed Hodge structures

Yilong Zhang

2023 Mar 29
--Thurston's Theorem: Entropy in Dimension One

Ryan Dickmann

George Domat

Thomas Hill

Sanghoon Kwak

Priyam Patel

Carlos Ospina

Rebecca Rechkin

2023 Mar 29
--On Derived Categories of Generalized Grassmannian Flips

Naichung Conan Leung

Ying Xie

2023 Apr 7
--Absolute profinite rigidity of some closed fibered hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Tamunonye Cheetham-West

2023 May 2
--On Shafarevich-Tate groups and analytic ranks in families of modular forms, II. Coleman families

Maria Rosaria Pati

Gautier Ponsinet

Stefano Vigni

2023 May 6
--On a numerical criterion for Fano fourfolds

Haidong Liu

2023 May 6
--Gaps in dynamical degrees for endomorphisms and rational maps

Serge Cantat

2023 May 14
--Flows of $G_2$-structures associated to Calabi-Yau manifolds

Sebastien Picard

Caleb Suan

2023 May 26
--The de Rham stack and the variety of very good splittings of a curve

Mark Andrea Antonio de Cataldo

Michael Groechenig

Siqing Zhang

2023 Jun 13
--On nearly parallel $G_2$-manifolds

Marisa Fernández

Anna Maria Fino

Alexei G. Kovalev

Vicente Muñoz

2023 Jun 23
--Hardy Spaces Associated with Two-Flag Kernels

Der-Chen E. Chang

Yongsheng Han

Xinfeng Wu

2023 Jun 23
--A new proof of an inequality of Bourgain

Polona Durcik

Joris Roos

2023 Jun 23
--A unified approach to relative Rota-Baxter operators and relative averaging operators on Lie algebras

Yunhe Sheng

Rong Tang

Friedrich Wagemann

2023 Jun 23
--Parity duality of super $r$-matrices via $\mathcal O$-operators and pre-Lie superalgebras

Chengming Bai

Li Guo

Runxuan Zhang

2023 Jun 23
--Geometric retract rationality of norm varieties

Stefan Schreieder

2023 Jun 23
--Permanence properties of F-injectivity

Rankeya Datta

Takumi Murayama

2023 Jul 13
--Positively curved Kahler metrics on tube domains and their applications to optimal tranport

Gabriel J. H. Khan

Jun Zhang

Fangyang Zheng

2023 Jul 13
--Large volume fibred knots of fixed genus

David Futer

Jessica S. Purcell

Saul David Schleimer

2023 Jul 30
--An enlargeability obstruction for spacetimes with both big bang and big crunch

Jonathan Glöckle

2023 Jul 30
--Log K-stability of GIT-stable divisors on Fano varieties

Chuyu Zhou

2023 Jul 30
--Rigidity on non-negative intermediate curvature

Jianchun Chu

Kwok-Kun Kwong

Man-Chun Lee

2023 Aug 14
--Preserving Minkowski length from one convex curve to another

Lin Liu

Yunlong Yang

Yanlong Zhang

2023 Aug 30
--Zero-surgery characterizes infinitely many knots

John Arthur Baldwin

Steven Sivek

2023 Oct 15
--Locally nilpotent groups and hyperfinite equivalence relations

Scott Schneider

Brandon Micheal Seward

2023 Oct 27
--Birational geometry of Beauville-Mukai systems II: general theory in low ranks

Xuqiang Qin

Justin Sawon

2023 Oct 27
--Gromov ellipticity of cones over projective manifolds

Mikhail Grigorievich Zaidenberg

Shulim Kaliman

2023 Oct 27
--On the classification of discrete conformal structures on surfaces

Xu Xu

Chao Zheng

2023 Oct 27
--Freeness of Hecke modules at non-minimal levels

Srikanth B. Iyengar

Chandrashekhar B. Khare

Jeffrey Manning

2023 Nov 5
--Existence of real algebraic hypersurfaces with many prescribed components

Michele Ancona

2023 Nov 5
--Homological mirror symmetry for nodal stacky curves.

Matthew Habermann

2023 Nov 5
--Asymptotic expansion of the annealed Green's function and its derivatives

Matthias Keller

Marius Christopher Lemm

2023 Nov 5
--Some lower bounds for the Kirby-Thompson invariant

Nobutaka Asano

Hironobu Naoe

Masaki Ogawa

2023 Nov 5
--Derived categories of curves of genus one and torsors over abelian varieties

Niranjan Ramachandran

Jonathan Micah Rosenberg

2023 Dec 3
--A new formula for intersection numbers

Bertrand Eynard

Dimitrios Mitsios

2023 Dec 3
--Shintani lifts for Weil representations of unitary groups over finite fields

Naoki Imai

Takahiro Tsushima

2023 Dec 18
--Finite extensions partially splitting PGO-torsors

Nikita A. Karpenko

2023 Dec 18
--k-reduced groups and Milnor invariants

Benjamin Audoux

Jean-Baptiste Meilhan

Akira Yasuhara

2023 Dec 18
--Anomaly cancellation formulas and $E_8$ bundles

Yong Wang

Yuchen Yang

2023 Dec 18
--Vanishing theorems for projective morphisms between complex analytic spaces

Osamu Fujino

2023 Dec 18
--Monotone Quantities for $p$-Harmonic functions and the Sharp $p$-Penrose inequality

Liam Mazurowski

Xuan Yao

2023 Dec 26
--Gromov-Hausdorff limits and Holomorphic isometries

Claudio Arezzo

Chao Li

Andrea Loi

2024 Jan 2
--On Sharp Beckner's Inequality for Axially Symmetric Functions on $\mathbb{S}^4$

Tuoxin Li

Juncheng Wei

Zikai Ye

2024 Jan 7
--Cable Links, Annuli and Sutured Floer homology

Fraser Binns

Subhankar Dey

2024 Jan 8
--An elementary rectifiability lemma and some applications

Camillo De Lellis

Ian Fleschler

2024 Jan 8
--On the geometry of $(\sigma,\tau)$-algebras

Joakim Arnlind

Kwalombota Ilwale

2024 Jan 15
--Tau function and moduli of meromorphic forms on algebraic curves

Dmitry A. Korotkin

Peter Zograf

2024 Jan 29
--A $v$-adic variant of Anderson-Brownawell-Papanikolas linear independence criterion and its application

Yen-Tsung Chen

2024 Feb 4
--Complex non-Kähler manifolds that are cohomologically close to, or far from, being Kähler

Hisashi Kasuya

Jonas Stelzig

2024 Feb 5
--D-critical locus structure on the Hilbert schemes of some local toric Calabi-Yau threefolds

Sheldon H. Katz

Yun Shi

2024 Feb 6
--Area and boundary length of surfaces diffeomorphic to annuli

Tsz-Kiu Aaron Chow

2024 Feb 6
--Regularity of limit sets of AdS quasi-Fuchsian groups

Olivier Glorieux

Daniel Monclair

2024 Feb 9
--An adjunction inequality obstruction to isotopy of embedded surfaces in 4-manifolds

David Paul Baraglia

2024 Feb 9
--On $C^0$-stability of compact leaves with amenable fundamental group

Sam Nariman

Mehdi Yazdi

2024 Feb 13
--Khovanov-Rozansky $sl_N$-homology for periodic links

Maciej Borodzik

Wojciech Politarczyk

Ramazan Yozgyur

2024 Mar 30
--Endomorphisms of Fano 3-folds and log Bott vanishing

Burt James Totaro

2024 Mar 30
--Low degree unramified cohomology of generic diagonal hypersurfaces

Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène

Alexei N. Skorobogatov

2024 Apr 6
--Lagrangian intersections and cuplength in generalised cohomology

Amanda Hirschi

Noah Porcelli

2024 Apr 19
--On local rings without small Cohen-Macaulay algebras in mixed characteristic

Kazuma Shimomoto

Ehsan Tavanfar

2024 Apr 19
--On the rate of convergence of rescaled mean curvature flow

Nataša Šešum

Rory Martin Hagemayer

2024 Apr 27
--Left orderability and taut foliations with orderable cataclysm

Bojun Zhao

2024 Apr 27
--Sharp lower bound for the charged Hawking mass in the Electrostatic space

Benedito Leandro

Guilherme Sabo

2024 May 12
--Unknotting number 21 knots are slice in K3

Marco Marengon

Stefan Mihajlovic

2024 May 25
--On numerically trivial automorphisms of compact hyperkähler manifolds of dimension 4

Chen Jiang

Wenfei Liu

2024 May 25
--Hermitian Rank and Rigidity of Holomorphic Mappings

Yun Gao

2024 May 25
--Effective zero-cycles and the Bloch–Beilinson filtration

Olivier Martin

Charles Vial

2024 Jun 10
--A remark on taut foliations and Floer homology

Francesco Lin

2024 Jun 10
--Topological Fukaya Category and Mirror Symmetry for Toric Calabi-Yau Three-Orbifolds

Bohan Fang

Qingyuan Bai

2024 Jun 10
--Counting twisted Higgs bundles

Sergey Mozgovoy

Ronan O'Gorman

2021 Dec 21