Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 20 (2013)

Number 3


An optimal Poincaré-Wirtinger inequality in Gauss space

Barbara Brandolini, Francesco Chiacchio, Antoine Henrot, and Cristina Trombetti

pp. 449-457

Quantum ergodic restriction for Cauchy data: Interior QUE and restricted QUE

Hans Christianson, John A. Toth, and Steve Zelditch

pp. 465-475

Holomorphic cubic differentials and minimal Lagrangian surfaces in $\mathbb{CH}^2$

Zheng Huang, John Loftin, and Marcello Lucia

pp. 501-520

Kählerian three-manifold groups

D. Kotschick

pp. 521-525

Cyclic extensions of free pro-$p$ groups and $p$-adic modules

Anderson L. P. Porto and Pavel A. Zalesskii

pp. 537-545

A remark on conical Kähler-Einstein metrics

Gábor Székelyhidi

pp. 581-590