Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 25 (2018)

Number 5

The derived category of a non-generic cubic fourfold containing a plane

Pages: 1525 – 1545



Riccardo Moschetti (Department of Mathematics and Physics, University of Stavanger, Norway)


We describe an Azumaya algebra on the resolution of singularities of the double cover of a plane ramified along a nodal sextic associated to a non generic cubic fourfold containing a plane. We show that the derived category of such a resolution, twisted by the Azumaya algebra, is equivalent to the Kuznetsov component in the semiorthogonal decomposition of the derived category of the cubic fourfold.

During the preparation of this paper, the author was supported by the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of University of Stavanger in the framework of the grant 230986 of the Research Council of Norway.

Received 12 June 2017

Accepted 13 February 2018

Published 1 February 2019