Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Newest issue

Volume 20 (2024)

Number 3

Special Issue in Honor of Claudio Procesi

Guest Editors: Luca Migliorini, Paolo Papi, and Mario Salvetti



Luca Migliorini, Paolo Papi, and Mario Salvetti

pp. 1025-1027

Topological aspects of Boolean functions

Anders Björner, Mark Goresky, and Robert MacPherson

pp. 1029-1063

On normal Seshadri stratifications

Rocco Chirivì, Xin Fang, and Peter Littelmann

pp. 1097-1139

Asymptotic properties of tensor powers in symmetric tensor categories

Kevin Coulembier, Pavel Etingof, and Victor Ostrik

pp. 1141-1179

Adler–Oevel-Ragnisco type operators and Poisson vertex algebras

Alberto De Sole, Victor G. Kac, and Daniele Valeri

pp. 1181-1249

The semi-infinite cohomology of Weyl modules with two singular points

Giorgia Fortuna, Davide Lombardo, Andrea Maffei, and Valerio Melani

pp. 1251-1284

Fibonacci polynomials

A. Garsia and G. Ganzberger

pp. 1285-1312

Reducibility and nonlinear stability for a quasi-periodically forced NLS

E. Haus, B. Langella, A. Maspero, and M. Procesi

pp. 1313-1370

Milnor fibre homology complexes

Gus Lehrer and Yang Zhang

pp. 1371-1431

Catalan numbers and noncommutative Hilbert schemes

Valery Lunts, Špela Špenko, and Michel Van Den Bergh

pp. 1433-1458