Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 7 (2011)

Number 4



The Editors

Symmetric Differentials of Rank 1 and Holomorphic Maps

Fedor Bogomolov and Bruno de Oliveira

pp. 1085-1104

Extensions of Multiply Twisted Pluri-Canonical Forms

Chen-Yu Chi, Chin-Lung Wang, and Sz-Sheng Wang

pp. 1129-1164

Finite Group Actions, Rational fixed Points and Weak Neron Models

Helene Esnault and Johannes Nicaise

pp. 1209-1240

The Maximal Rank Conjecture and Rank Two Brill-Noether Theory

Gavril Farkas and Angela Ortega

pp. 1265-1296

The Hodge Bundle on Hurwitz Spaces

Gerard van Der Geer and Alexis Kouvidakis

pp. 1297-1308

Birational Invariance of the S-fundamental Group Scheme

Amit Hogadi and Vikram Mehta

pp. 1361-1370

Anticanonical Divisors and Curve Classes on Fano Manifolds

Andreas Höring and Claire Voisin

pp. 1371-1394

On Endomorphisms of Fano Manifolds of Picard Number One

Jun-Muk Hwang and Noboru Nakayama

pp. 1407-1426

Low Degree GW Invariants of Spin Surfaces

Young-Hoon Kiem and Jun Li

pp. 1449-1476

Irrational Centers

Sandor Kovacs

pp. 1495-1516

Further Examples of Stable Bundles of Rank 2 with 4 Sections

Herbert Lange and Peter Newstead

pp. 1517-1528

Canonical Cohomology as an Exterior Module

Robert Lazarsfeld, Mihnea Popa, and Christian Schnell

pp. 1529-1542

Finiteness of Subfamilies of Calabi-Yau N-Folds over Curves with Maximal Length of Yukawa-Coupling

Kefeng Liu, Andrey Todorov, Shing-Tung Yau, and Kang Zuo

pp. 1585-1598

Periods of Enriques Manifolds

Keiji Oguiso and Stefan Schroer

pp. 1631-1656

K3 Surfaces with Order 11 Automorphisms

Keiji Oguiso and De-Qi Zhang

pp. 1657-1674